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We hope you find the website interesting and beneficial, either as a resident of the Parish or a visitor to Lea.

Lea is a small quiet village which is situated to the south of Gainsborough town and is approximately 17 miles from Lincoln.   We are close to the River Trent and are surrounded by beautiful countryside with some lovely walks around the village.


The Pop UP Pantry is back!

Lea Parish Council's Pop Up Pantry reopened for 2022 with a very successful Easter event on Sunday 10th April. Easter cakes and bakes were on offer as well as an Easter Egg Raffle. Cllrs Anderson and Leone (Fiona and Helen) would like to thank the local businesses who so kindly donated an egg, as well as Parish Councillors. The money raised by the raffle (£80) will go towards the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Event to be held in Lea Park on Sunday 5th June. All the Easter eggs have been delivered to the winners.

(The winning number were 61, 13, 14, 58, 9, 41, 47, 38, 79, 3, 59, 52, 72, 18, 75, 17 and 24. Well done to the winners!)

Next Pop Up Pantry: Sunday 28th Aug 2pm.

Please come and support our fund raising for the village.

Louis is a Champion!

Lea Parish Council were pleased to support village hero Louis with his amazing run to raise money for new goal posts in Lea Park. A true community hero!

Louis completed a 5k run from The Levellings Memorial Field, Gainsborough to Lea Park on February 19th 2022.

As he was only 7 years old 5 kilometres should have been a challenging distance to run but he completed it in a very good time - sprinting into the Park to be welcomed by a crowd of his supporters. Thanks to the generosity of many Louis raised over £2,000, (£1,500 more than his target!). Louis and his mum are now working with the Council  to buy the goal posts and find the best location for them. Any money that exceeds the  cost of the goal can hopefully go towards another facility improvement within the park.


Communications from Lea Parish Council

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