During the consultation events of the Lea Neighbourhood Plan some parishioners expressed a concern that when their families grew up, they could not afford to live in Lea. As a result, the Lea Neighbourhood Plan has a policy that any new development of 4 or more houses must provide 20% affordable housing. This means that Rippon Homes development on Willingham Road will have 12 affordable homes available for rent or shared ownership. 


There is also a legal agreement setting out the terms of priority for the selection of occupiers of these affordable homes in the following order;

i.    was born in the village of Lea; or

ii.   has permanently resided for between 1 and 5 years or more in the village of Lea; or

iii.  used to live permanently in the village of Lea for between 1 and 5 years or more but has been forced to move away because of the lack of affordable housing; or

iv.  has permanently been employed in the village of Lea for between 1 and 5 years or more; or

v.  needs to reside in the village of Lea to give or receive family care and support.

Priorities  i. to iv. are then applied, in a similar way, to adjacent and immediately surrounding parishes of Gainsborough, Corringham, Upton and Knaith. For example in criterion i. for Corringham would read ‘born in the village of Corringham’.

These same 4 priorities are then applied to West Lindsey and finally anyone else registered on the Lincs Homefinder CBL system. Any queries on the selection of priorities please contact Lea Parish Council.


Shared ownership allows you to get on the property ladder as an owner occupier.There will be 4 houses available for shared ownership.

Applications must be made through the housing provider Ongo . Potential applicants can fill out a short form to see whether they are likely to qualify. You can find it on the Ongo website


There will be 8 houses for renting and anyone interested should register immediately on Home Choice website

Any enquiries should be directed to the Home Choices team on 01427 676 676 (option 4) or 


Please advise family or friends about the affordable housing in Lea.