May 2023

Lea Life

Parish Council Meetings

19th June  14th August  25th September

6th November  18th December @ 6.30 pm Butler’s Pantry


Times are subject to change and meetings are advertised in the Parish Council notice boards on the side of the Butler’s Pantry and on The Green


Annual Village Meeting 22nd May @ 7.00 pm Lea Village Hall


The Legal Section

You are invited to attend the Annual Village Meeting which is open to all electors of Lea, who have the right not only to attend but also to speak on any matter of local interest.  Councillors attend this meeting as members of the public, only the Chair of the Council must take the chair.  If the Chair is not present, the Vice-chair of the Council must preside.  This meeting has its own minutes but these will only be approved at the next Annual Parish Meeting.  Matters arising from the meeting are not binding on the Council, though Council will take heed of what is said as it provides a prime opportunity to ensure the Council is acting on the needs and wishes of the community.


Annual Village Meeting – The Schedule

7:00    Chair’s welcome and introduction.  Ratification of minutes of last meeting.

7:10    Jill Martin, Lea Parish Council Festival Coordinator, will present a summary of the Lea Park Festival 50th Anniversary.  It’s your chance to hear about what is being planned and how you can get involved.  Raffle tickets at 50 pence a go will be on sale.  Please support this fun day for all the family.

7:20    Review of current situation with Council and future plans, including financial situation.  Remember it is money from the council tax you pay that finances the village.  As a result of the new development on Willingham Road the village also has two additional funds to spend.  It is important that the residents of Lea have a say in how funding is spent.

7:40    Questions and comments from the floor.  This is your opportunity to raise any issues relating to the village.

7:50    Residents are invited to stay and have a look at displays, ask questions and leave comments.


Members of Lea Parish Council

We take this opportunity to say an enormous thank you and goodbye to Joyce and Keith Austin, both of whom worked on the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee and Lea Parish Council.  Keith acted as Chair on both associations.  We will miss their wisdom and dedication to improving Lea village.  Thank you!


We welcome Mark Stephenson to Lea Parish Council as a new Councillor.  We wish him well in his new role.


Raffle Tickets for sale!

The Lea Park Festival 50th Anniversary is depending on the sale of raffle tickets to fund the many fun activities. 


Where can you buy tickets?

Vanessa Allen:  Facebook Messenger.  247 Lea Road, Gainsborough.  Mobile 07906097845.  

Jill Martin: text 07917011759 and she can call round.

Pop-Up Pantry:  all events between now and September 2023.

Festival:  on the day at the event.


Fabulous prizes include cash of £100, £75 and £50.  There are luxury beauty treatments, a flight over Lea, pantomime tickets, Wild Pines vouchers, Gainsborough Football Club tickets, restaurant vouchers…and much more!  At 50 pence a ticket you will be supporting the festival and giving yourself a chance to win a real treat!


Sunday 21st May, Pop-up Pantry, Butler’s Pantry, Lea Park 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm

The first Pop-Up Pantry of the year began with a ravenous record-breaking sell-out!  Not a crumb was left on the shelves after the lovely ladies from Lea Parish Council had finished serving delicious home-made cakes, sausage rolls and drinks.  Thank you to everyone who came along to this event.  If you like Millionaire Shortbread, Rock Cakes and a traditional Victoria Sponge, you would have been spoilt for choice so make sure you get down to the next event!  It sells like hot cakes!  Summer dates:  21st May, 25th June, 9th July.


At the June event, it’s also a chance to meet The Owl Lady and her rescued friend Brillo the Barn Owl.  Annette dedicates her time to nursing injured owls back to health before releasing them into the wild.  Learn more about these magical creatures.  Donations to her worthy cause are cash only. 


Play Park

Lea Parish Council continue to await monies from Rippon Homes to fund new play equipment at Lea Park.  Updates will be published when available.


Jack in the Box Musical Memories

A new service in Lea offering the under 5s a chance to listen to music, make music and dance.