Jurassic (Lea) Park or The lost world (of Tennis)

In a Prehistoric era, (well, about 40years ago), several Lea locals established a Tennis Habitat in your lovely Park. These Dinosaurs included the late ferociously hardworking DiploDougalas Clark, and the still current treasurer Philip Juhosasaurus.

 Although only 2 courts were laid, they were of a good standard. Shortly, a wooden clubhouse would follow and many years later some superb floodlights enabled play to take place in spring and autumnal evenings. For many years several teams competed and the local youth were kept fit and competitive.

Many of you in Lockdown will have been walking dogs, Kids or just yourselves in the Park, and seen empty courts with a grass like coating of Moss. This is despite Moss killer application, so we will shortly have them professionally cleaned. We do however need them resurfaced.

 Hopefully, as the Pandemic subsides, we will shortly be allowed to play again. But WHO WANTS TO?  Where are the resident Lizards of Lea? Where are you young reptilians who want to be fit and competitive?  Surely you aren’t all glued to phones and consoles, getting depressed and unfit. Why not give it a go? The fearsome Andy  Murryranosaurus Rex  showed it’s not just a middle age pursuit.

 As a club we do face extinction. Old playing Dinosaurs are disappearing from the Park. This is despite the membership fees being  very low; for individuals just over £1 a week, with member’s under 12 year olds free. We are a friendly bunch of very mixed ability; you are unlikely to be embarrassed as you Tri(cerva)Top s(pin)---sorry about that!

 The village (and many waistlines) are expanding. Lea needs a functioning Tennis club. Come on, don’t sit there fossilised; keep reptilian wildlife in the park. Without new members we will Die!

Iguan(G)ordon Warnesyopteryx

Chairman Lea Park Tennis club / Dinosaurs, and still playing Lizards

Please contact philipjuhos@gmail.com  for membership information.