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Minutes EM2 – Apr 12th 2023

Minutes from council meeting on Apr 12th 2023 7pm at Butlers Pantry

Present: Councillors – Helen Leone(Chair), Joyce Austin, Keith Austin, Barry Rooks(Parish Clerk), Jill Martin, Emma Bailey.


1. Apologies. Council accepted apologies from Cllr Warner and Cllr Anderson.


2. To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and to receive any applications for Dispensation.  Members may make any declarations at this point but may also make them at any point during the meeting. Cllr Martin represents the council on the steering group for the Lea festival event.


3. To approve minutes from extraordinary meeting, EM1, on March 27th. Council approved.


4. S106 money. Council to discuss options and next steps following further delays in payment from Rippon Homes. Cllr Leone to contact Rippon homes director and send letter expressing disappointment at the delays and the impact this is having on the people of Lea. Clerk to contact WLDC regarding delays in legal letter being sent to Rippon Homes and possibilities regarding an interim loan. Cllr Leone to investigate FCC funding.


5. Lea Park 50th Anniversary Festival financing. Council to discuss further funding to finance hiring a marquee. Council resolved to pay for the hiring of a marquee subject to the festival committee seeking to cut costs and/or raising more funding. Cllr Martin to apply to WLDC community fund. 



Proposed Dates for 2023 meetings:


24th April - LPC

15th May - LPC AGM

22nd May - Annual Parish Meeting

3rd July - LPC

21st Aug - LPC

25th Sept - LPC

6th Nov - LPC

18th Dec - LPC