Minutes A53 – Oct 3rd 2022

Minutes from council meeting on 3rd Oct 2022 7pm at Butlers Pantry

Present: Councillors – Helen Leone(Chair), Graham Barber(Vice-Chair), Paul Warner, Joyce Austin, Keith Austin, Fiona Anderson, Barry Rooks(Parish Clerk), Emma Bailey

1. Apologies. None received.


2. To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and to receive any applications for Dispensation.  Members may make any declarations at this point but may also make them at any point during the meeting. None received.


*Public speaking@; Royal British Legion Chair talked about the work of the organisation in the area and requested support from LPC to promote the existence and work of the Legion..  LPC agreed to include an article promoting their work in the next Lea Life. Article to be written by Legion and emailed to Chair.


3. To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 2nd August 2022. Minutes approved with additions to items 5 and 6.2.


4. New councillor co-option. Jill Martin was unanimously co-opted onto the council.


5. Community Pub: Update on public consultation.  Thanks received from Knaith PC for engagement work with Lea residents.  


6. Planning. Cllr J Austin

6.1 Willingham Road Development update. Cllr K Austin. No further progress was made with Severn Trent, Environment Agency and WLDC, therefore, Council resolved to write to local MP or make an appointment at his next constituency surgery. Council also resolved to have the option, at any future date, to contact the local media with regards to this issue. 

Council agreed to produce a timeline of actions for future reference.


6.2 Application No: 144857.   Location: Land at Foxby Lane Gainsborough DN21 1PP. Proposal: Application for approval of reserved matters considering appearance, landscaping, layout and scale following outline planning permission 138291 granted 29 August 2019 - erection of Local Centre/shop.  Planning Application has been granted.


6.3 Planning Application 143378/9 9 Gainsborough Road Lea DN21 5HW. Planning application to demolish existing single storey extensions erect two storey rear extension and single-storey lean-to extension including associated internal alterations. Refused.


6.4 Planning Application 145239 Land at Foxby Lane Gainsborough DN21 1PP. Outline planning application for the demolition of existing structures; the erection of 2046 new homes with business, community services and facilities. Cllr J Austin to respond to planning application concerning ancient woodland and monument within Lea Parish that might be affected by the proposed development.


6.5 Planning application 145320 2a Cavendish Drive Lea DN21 5HY. Application for approval of reserved matters for the erection of 1no. dwelling considering access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale, following outline planning permission 134069 granted 29 April 2016 - being variation of condition 1 of reserved matters application 137651 granted 06 June 2018 - amended plans. Planning Application has been granted with conditions.


7. Policies: Review & Update. Advertising, GDPR, People, Expenses Environment., 

Advertising, People and Expenses, Environment reviewed and adopted by Council. Revised version of GDPR Policy agreed. Policy to be issued to Councillors, Cllr J Austin. All policies on website to be updated with revision date.  Risk assessment document and council calendar have been reviewed by Chair & Clerk and all outstanding actions have been completed. 


8. Tennis club: rent and pavilion. Clerk to check pavilion electrical and fire extinguisher certificates are up to date.


9. Cricket Club. Chair to meet for progress report.


10. Green Spaces Update: work needed and dates for working parties. Cllr Warner updated council.  Cllr Barber to obtain quote from Tivoli to remove 3 laurels from village green. Quote to be obtained to remove stumps.


11. Butlers Pantry update: works, security, repair of doors. Cllr Warner. Security lights installed at BP. Fitter attending BP 7th Oct to begin replacement of doors. 


12. Clerk’s report.

12.1 Goalposts update. 

12.2 BP proposal - NLHF. Cllr Martin to research the possibility of lottery funding for a heritage trail and renovation work in and around BP. Clerk and Chair to detail work to be done at BP. Small working group was formed to consider content for historical signs. Cllr Anderson and Warner.


13. Finance Report. Clerk

                        13.1 Current Account:  Aug-Sept 2022

                     In the bank: July 19th 2022…….....£1,267.62

                              Total Income:..................................£5,452.07

                              Total Expenses:...............................£4,476.85

                            In the bank: Sept 26th 2022……....£2,242.84

13.2 LPC Reserves Account:  Aug-Sept 2022

       In the bank: July 19th 2022..…..….£22,038.53

       Withdrawal: ……………………....£2,000.00                               

       Interest…………………..…....….. £19.74

       In the bank: Sept 26th 2022.……...£20,058.27

13.3 CIL Account: Aug-Sept 2022

       In the bank: July 19th 2022.……….£24,245.22

                               Interest: ……………………………£22.61   


                               In the bank: Sept 26th 2022…..........£24,267.83

13.4 Monthly report - for acceptance by Council. Council accepted report.

13.5 Internal audit. LALC offer auditing services.  Chair to investigate alternatives for Council to decide.

13.6 Precept. Clerk and Cllrs Leone, Martin & K Austin to commence budgeting process for 2023/24.


14. Pop Up Pantry - the future. Dates set for 16th Oct and 6th Nov. Decision made not to hold Guy  Fawkes event due to large no. of competing events in the area that weekend.


15. Lea Park.

15.1 Maintenance update. Cllr J Austin circulated a comprehensive update. Cllr Barber & J Austin to meet with Tivoli for costs of ongoing maintenance work required in the woods. 

15.2 Request for wood. Awaiting further contact from resident.

15.3 Defibrillator costs. Cllr Warner to send confirmation of LPC adoption of defibrillator.  Clerk to add to asset register. Maintenance contract with WLDC to be revisited in 2023.


16 Correspondence: Solar Farm/Gate Burton: Council awaiting further contact. 

Cross country:  Event to take place on 19.11 22. Chair to meet on Oct 11th for walk around park.


Proposed Dates for 2022/23 meetings:


21st Nov 2022 - LPC

30th Jan 2023 - LPC - tbc

13th Mar 2023 - LPC - tbc