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Minutes A49 – March 7th 2022

Minutes from council meeting on 7th March 2022 7pm at Butlers Pantry

Present: Councillors – Keith Austin(Chair), Helen Leone(Vice-Chair), Joyce Austin, Fiona Anderson, Barry Rooks(Parish Clerk), Graham Barber, Paul Warner, Paul Wimhurst

  1. Apologies. Cllr Emma Bailey.  Accepted by Council.


  1. To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and to receive any applications for Dispensation.  Members may make any declarations at this point but may also make them at any point during the meeting. None received


  1. To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 24th January 2021. Council approved.


  1. Knaith Park traffic survey: Cllr Bailey. Key elements of the Lincs Community Speed Watch document highlighted. Councillors to consider possible appropriate measures in Lea ahead of the Projects Workshop (21 March).


  1. Signs in Lea Park. Consensus reached on signs for parking and various open areas of the Park. Cllr K Austin to sketch proposed new fencing.  Clerk to obtain quotes. Clerk to order disclaimer sign for car park.


  1. Finance & Report - Clerk

                        6.1 Monthly report:  Jan-Mar 2022

                     In the bank: Jan 17th 2022……..£2529.43   

                              Total Income:..................................£22.99

                              Total Expenses:...........................£2244.57

                            In the bank: Mar 6th 2022.…..….£307.85   

Clerk to move £2000 from Savings to cover remaining expenses for 2021/22. Council approved monthly consolidation sheet containing expenditure/income detail. 


6.2 Savings report: Jan-Mar 2022

       In the bank: 17th Jan 2022..…..£12,010.96

                               Interest…………………..…..…….. £3.06

       In the bank: Mar 6th 2022….....£12,014.02

Council acknowledged savings account report.

6.3 Appoint internal & external auditor. Council agreed to appoint D. Harford to conduct internal audit.

6.4  LALC subscription £271.35.  Council approved.

6.5  LPC to agree budget for Jubilee event. Council agreed £500 budget. Awaiting response on funding bid. See also item 11.


  1. Set dates for LPC AGM, annual Parish meeting and LPC meetings for 2022. Lea Parish Council AGM set for 9th May 7pm.  Lea Annual Parish meeting proposed date 16th May 7pm.  Clerk to circulate LPC meetings for 2023. Cllr Leone to start planning for annual parish meeting.


  1. Butler’s Pantry works update: Cllr Paul Warner.  Quote for further electrical work including extractor fans to combat damp was agreed by council.  Quotes to be obtained for drainage work to tackle flooding during heavy rain and repointing of gable walls. 

8.1 Quote for patio doors. To be further discussed at a future meeting.

8.2 Offer to knock through to old toilets. To be further discussed at a future meeting.


  1. Governance documents.  Council to review guidance issued 16 Feb 2022. No amendments to Standing Orders and Financial Regulations. Councillors to read new Code of Conduct  issued by WLDC ready for acceptance at next Parish Council.


  1. Goalpost update: Clerk.  Clerk to meet with Louis & family to discuss size and location of goalposts.  Clerk to obtain quotes.


  1. Village Jubilee event update: Cllr Barber shared update on planning.  Event to run on 5th June 11am-6pm. Further details of the event to follow.  Cllr Wimhurst to coordinate volunteers for the event.  Clerk to contact insurers regarding liability and cover. Commemorative gifts for children to be funded from School and Council events.


  1. Planning. 

12.1 Willingham Road development update: Cllr’s J&K Austin. No response from WLDC Planning regarding Lea Pumping Station. No response from planning enforcement officer regarding a parishioner's concerns about Willingham Road site. Email from another parishioner with concerns regarding the new entrance to the development site. Cllrs Austin to pursue all matters.

WLDC confirmed CIL monies to be paid by end of April 2022.


12.2 Application 144350: Foxby Lane, Gainsborough DN21 1PP.  Request for Scoping opinion for Gainsborough South SUE development.  Cllr J Austin. Request for Scoping opinion for Southern Sue Development. Council ratified comments sent to Planning on 28.02.2022.


12.3 Planning Application 144455:   2 Stainton Close DN21 5EW - Application for new bay window to the front. Cllr J Austin. No objections. Cllr Austin to send response to Planning.


In closed session:

  1. Leaseholders - update on current situation. Working Group to report. Working Group report discussed.


Proposed Dates for 2022 meetings: 11 April.  LPC AGM 9th May. Annual Parish meeting 19th May.