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Minutes A48 – Jan 24th 2022

Minutes from council meeting on 24th January 2022 7pm at Butlers Pantry

Present: Councillors – Keith Austin(Chair), Helen Leone(Vice-Chair), Joyce Austin, Fiona Anderson, Barry Rooks(Parish Clerk), Emma Bailey, Paul Warner

Public present: Members of Lea Tennis Club present to discuss siting of containers for Tennis Court resurfacing.  LPC to meet in daylight to discuss options.  A resident was in attendance to discuss new building development. 

  1. Apologies.  Cllr Paul Wimhurst, Cllr Graham Barber.  Accepted by Council.


  1. To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and to receive any applications for Dispensation.  Members may make any declarations at this point but may also make them at any point during the meeting. None received


  1. To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 14th December 2021. Approved with one amendment: Cllr Paul Warner added to those present.


  1. Finance & Report - Clerk

                        4.1 Monthly report:  Dec/Jan 2021/22

                     In the bank: Dec 7th 2021……..£1,784.75

                              Total Income:..............................£1358.52 

                              Total Expenses:...........................£613.84  

                            In the bank: Jan 17th 2022……..£2529.43   

Council approved monthly consolidation sheet and agreed for the Clerk to transfer money  from Savings to Current Account as required until the end of the financial year 2022.


4.2 Savings report: Dec/Jan 2021/22

       In the bank: 10th Dec 2021..…£12,007.90

                               Interest…………………..…..…….. £3.06

       In the bank: 17th Jan 2022…...£12,010.96

Council acknowledged savings account report. 

4.3 Precept update and final decision.  Council resolved to submit a precept of £20,000 for the year 2022/23.

4.4 Clerk expenses.  Council resolved to pay the Clerk £20pm to include working from home allowances and phone charges.


  1. Goalpost fundraising update: Funding continues by young resident. Run and celebration event confirmed for Saturday 19th February 2022 at 10.30am in Lea Park. Clerk to research options for goalposts.


  1. Signs in Lea Park.  Fire assembly point sign to be located at entrance to play park beside the tennis courts.  Further park signage discussions to be deferred to the next meeting. 


  1. Village Jubilee event: update from organising committee. Date confirmed: Sunday 5th June 2022. Council agreed to have further discussions with Jubilee organising committee regarding planning for potential activities. Cllr’s Leone & Anderson to run a pop up pantry.  

7.1 Jubilee trees. Council deferred decision.


  1. Butler’s Pantry

8.1 Works update: Cllr Paul Warner.  Electrical work completed satisfactorily, Cllr Warner to make good walls.  Cllr Warner to obtain quotes for repointing and further electrical work in BP kitchen, including water heater and extractor fan.  Clerk to contact electrician regarding new element for wall heater.  Electrical check and PAT testing completed and certificated. Clerk to install smoke alarms and put fire assembly signs up.

8.2 Enquiry for consideration.  Clerk to invite resident to next pop-up pantry to discuss ideas for future use of Butler’s Pantry.


  1. Knaith Park traffic survey: Cllr Bailey.  Deferred to the next meeting.


  1. Planning. Willingham Road development update: Cllr’s J&K Austin.  Discussions and

communications to continue regarding improvement of capacity issues at the pumping station. Cllrs

Austin. Affordable homes' publicity finalised Cllr Leone and Cllr J Austin.


In closed session:

  1. Leaseholders - update on current situation. Working Group to report. Cllr Leone to confirm date of

annual review meeting with Cricket Club


Proposed Dates for 2022 meetings: 11 April.  LPC AGM 9th May. Annual Parish meeting 19th May, 7pm Village Hall.