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Minutes A50 – April 11th 2022

Minutes from council meeting on 11th April 2022 7pm at Butlers Pantry

Present: Councillors – Keith Austin(Chair), Helen Leone(Vice-Chair), Joyce Austin, Fiona Anderson, Barry Rooks(Parish Clerk), Graham Barber, Paul Wimhurst, Sarah Bailey

  1. Apologies. Cllr Paul Warner - accepted by Council.


  1. To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and to receive any applications for Dispensation.  Members may make any declarations at this point but may also make them at any point during the meeting. None received


  1. To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 7th March 2022. Council approved.


  1. Knaith Park traffic survey: Cllr Bailey. Details of options discussed, to be discussed further at Annual Parish Meeting on 19th May at Lea Village Hall.


  1. Planning: Cllr J Austin 

5.1 Willingham Road development update: Cllr’s J&K Austin. The amount of CIL money to be received is £24,888.80. Still awaiting response from WLDC LPA regarding the Lea Pumping Station. Response from Highways, about the concern raised by a parishioner regarding the width of the new entrance to the development, stated that it conforms with all regulations and is not considered to be a cause of concern. LPC has registered to Highways that it does consider the entrance could possibly be dangerous especially if it is used for school parking. Another issue raised by a parishioner who lives adjacent to the site has been dealt with by Planning Enforcement.


5.2 Planning Application 144510 93 Gainsborough Road DN21 5JJ. Planning Application for single storey front, side and rear extensions. Council ratified the response sent on 4 April. No objections but require drainage scheme for disposal of foul and surface waters.


5.3 Planning Application 144455 2 Stainton Close DN21 5EW. New bay window. Granted 06.04.2022. Noted


5.4 Planning Application 144350 Foxby Lane DN21 1PP. Scoping Opinion. Environmental Impact Assessment required. Noted.


  1. Goalpost update: Clerk. Potential location for new posts discussed, Council to conduct site visit to confirm.  Council are also consulting with Lea and Roses Cricket Club about the best location for the posts. Clerk to email quotes/options regarding posts. 


  1. Butlers Pantry update: Cllrs Anderson/Leone.  Clerk to obtain detailed quotes for drainage solution and handwashing sink in kitchen. 


  1. Finance & Report: Clerk

                        8.1 Monthly report:  Mar 2022

                        In the bank: Mar 6th 2022………£307.85

                              Total Income:..............................£2014.00

                              Total Expenses:...........................£2061.12

                               In the bank: Mar 31st 2022.……..£260.73   

Council approved monthly consolidation sheet containing expenditure/income detail.      


8.2 Savings report:  Mar 2022

       In the bank: 17th Jan 2022…...£12,014.02

                               Interest…………………..…..…….. £2.77


       In the bank: Mar 31st 2022…....£10,016.79

Council acknowledged savings account report.


8.3 Audit/AGAR update. Clerk to prepare accounts and deliver to the internal auditor.


Clerk to set up a separate account for £24,888.80 CIL money from new development.


Council approved the clerk to make the following regular payments:

(i) Clerk salary and HMRC payments - monthly

(ii) Utilities: Water Plus(£7.28pm), Wave(£7pm)

(iii) Tivoli grass cutting payments.  6 payments April- September, £1395.43pm

(iv) Lea Life printing: £25 per batch


Council approved clerk to move £15,000 from Precept to Savings Account.


  1.   Councillors & Council to adopt new Code of Conduct: Cllrs to sign.  Council resolved to accept and Cllrs signed forms for return to the monitoring officer. 


  1.   Annual Parish Meeting: issues/agenda and preparations: Cllrs Austin K and Leone.  Cllr Leone and Clerk to compile agenda and actions. Cllrs K Austin and Leone to work together to produce a proposed plan for the meeting and consult with Councillors with regards to content and format.


  1.   Lea Park update, authorisation for tree survey and purchase of chain saw. Cllr Austin J.  Thanks expressed for the work of volunteers.  Council resolved against purchasing a chainsaw.  Tree survey authorised - Steve Vessey to complete outstanding work and conduct previously agreed additional work.


  1.   Projects update: Cllrs Austin K and Leone. Council resolved to postpone new signage until wider decisions around the play park, additional parking and fencing are resolved.  LPC to produce guidelines for actions and responsibilities from workshop planning documents.


  1. Council to agree priority order following workshop: Cllr Leone.  Cllrs K  Austin and Leone to work together to design a way of presenting priorities to residents at Annual village meeting.




To be held in closed session:


  1.   Leaseholders Working Group - report back to Council: Cllrs Austin K and Leone 


  1.   Jubilee Event update: Cllrs Barber and Wilmhurst


Proposed Dates for 2022 meetings:


9th May - Annual LPC AGM

19th May - Annual Parish Meeting

20th June - LPC

1st Aug - LPC

12th Sept - LPC

24th Oct - LPC

19th Dec - LPC

30th Jan 2023 - LPC

13th Mar 2023 - LPC