Lea Life

Special Edition – April 2022

Annual Village Meeting and Village Jubilee Event.

Lea Parish Council invite you to:

Lea Annual Village Meeting Thursday 19th May - 6:50pm - Lea Village Hall

Is the speed of traffic through the village a concern for you? If so, please come and hear a local PCSO explain what the residents of Lea can do about it. Do you have other issues you would like to have the opportunity to air? Please come and tell the rest of the village residents and maybe together something can be done about them. Proposals that are seconded can be voted on by the village electorate attending this meeting.

The agenda for the meeting:

6:50: doors open – a chance for you to have free refreshments whilst you look at the display boards produced by the Parish Council on topics such as Lea Park - existing situation, management obligations, work of volunteers, Lea Park – future plans, zones and fencing, dogs, car park, the play area, Butler’s Pantry and Finances – where the money is spent and plans for future spending.

7:00 Chairs welcome and introduction. Ratification of minutes of last meeting.

7:10 PCSO Pratchett presentation about village traffic issues followed by questions and answers

7:30 Review of current situation with Council and future plans, including financial situation, remember it is money from the council tax you pay that finances the village. As a result of the new development on Willingham Rd. the village also has 2 additional funds to spend. It is important that the residents of Lea have a say in how 1 of these funds is spent.

7:45 Questions and comments from the floor. This is your opportunity to raise any issues relating to the village

Residents are then invited to stay and have a look at displays, ask questions and leave comments.

What is an annual village meeting? -the legal bit

It is a separate meeting to those held by the Parish Council but it is arranged by them. Decisions taken at the meeting are not binding on the Council, though Council will take heed of what is said at the meeting as it provides a prime opportunity to ensure the Council is acting on the needs and wishes of the community.

The Annual Village Meeting is open to all electors of Lea, who have the right not only to attend but also to speak on any matter of local interest. Councillors attend this meeting as members of the public, only the Chair of the Council must take the chair. If the Chair is not present, the Vice-chair of the Council must preside. 

This meeting has its own minutes but these will only be approved at the next Annual Parish Meeting.

Lea Parish Council are proud to host and invite you to attend;


On Sunday 5th June in Lea Park from 11:00 to 6:30

We hope that you have by now heard that there is to be a celebration in Lea Park to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. An enthusiastic group of organisers, representing a range of clubs and societies from the village, plus volunteers are close to finalising the plans for what should be a wonderful day in the village and……..



This free to enter event will start at 11:00 with an official grand opening at 12:00 with the National Anthem sung by Emily Toward accompanied by Lea School Choir.

During the day there will be plenty to entertain people of all ages:

Children’s Sports Day                        Tag Rugby – demonstration and ‘have a go’

Archery                                     Dancing display

Tennis                                       Cricket

Crafts                                       Donkey rides (£2/ticket)

Gainsborough Musical Theatre Group          Just For Kicks – local band

Disco                                       Pop Up Pantry

Fish and Chips                               Blyton ice cream

The Delvers – with the history of Lea         Display of memorabilia through the ages

Lea Church bells                             Coconut shy and other games


Please note that BBQ’s are not permitted in the Park and only dogs on short leads are allowed

More details and timings to follow.

Do you have a child/children of primary school age who do not attend Lea, Frances Olive Anderson Primary School?

Lea Parish Council, along with the school, would like to ensure that every child under 11 in the village receives a commemorative gift to mark this occasion. If you have a child who would qualify and you would like them to receive a gift please email lea.parish.council.hleone@outlook.com by Monday 9th May with their name, age and address so that we can get their gift to them. (in line with Lea Parish Council’s GDPR policy, no personal details will be kept after the gifts are distributed).