Lea Parish Council

Asset register - Public Land and Building assets




Lea Parish Council is the owner of the area of land within the parish known as Lea Park, which contains the building known as Butler’s Pantry.

Part of Lea Park (5.3 acres) was purchased by the Parish Council in November 1970 for £3,500. A further 10 acres was purchased in October 1979 for £10,000.

The area of land contained with Lea Park is approx. 15.3 acres. It is an area of a mixture of open grassland and woodland plus a children’s play area. An orchard is planted with rare varieties of fruit tree. The land was sold to the Council subject to a Covenant that the land is made available for the residents of Lea to use for recreational purposes.

Two parcels of the land are leased to village clubs, namely Lea and Roses Cricket Club and Lea Tennis Club. Lea Park is maintained by a landscape firm and volunteers. The Butler’s Pantry is the location for Parish Council meetings and is available for hire.


As of 2020, the Butler’s Pantry and Lea Park are insured for £59,000.


The Parish Council is the custodian of two village greens, one at the junction of Gainsborough Road and Rectory Lane ( being transferred to the Council’s ownership under the 1965 Commons Registration Act - Ownership of Unclaimed Land Act on 7th July 1981) the other being land opposite the junction of Gainsborough Road and Willingham Road.