Lea Life – July 2022

Parish Council Meetings: 2nd August, 12th September, 24th October, 19th December. Please note these are subject to change but all meetings will be advertised in the Parish Council notice boards on the side of the Butler’s Pantry and on The Green. Members of the public are invited to attend all meetings.

Good news and disappointing news

First the good news – the Butler’s Pantry will be open for our next Pop Up Pantry on SATURDAY 16TH July from 12:00 onwards. The forecast is good so why not bring a picnic to Lea Park – we will supply the hot and cold drinks plus our usual delicious selection of bakes and cakes.

Now the disappointing news – Lea Park has recently had some unwelcome visitors who have damaged our lovely Park. Money from this Pop Up will now HAVE TO be put towards repairing a long line of fencing that has been broken down, repairing the doors to the Butler’s Pantry store room and roof tile damage resulting from an attempted break in and, saddest of all – replacing the nets for the goals that have lasted just 2 weeks before someone stole them. This is so disappointing after young Louis had worked so hard to raise the money to buy the village new goal posts and nets! Any monies needed over and above money raised at the Pop Up will have to come from the money the residents of Lea pay to the village as part of the Council Tax, meaning there is less money for other things.


Annual Village Meeting 19 May 2022

Lea Parish Council would like to thank the 25 residents who attended the Annual Village meeting, though Council would have liked to have seen more. After a summary of the last 3 years, by Cllr Keith Austin, we were pleased to welcome PCSO Glenn Pratchett and his colleague to explain the concept of Community Speed Watch. Analysis of the recent whole village questionnaire highlighted excess speed through the village as being an area of concern. Community speed watch is a system whereby volunteers are trained by the Police to use hand held speed guns to monitor the speed of vehicles. Teams of 3 then monitor the speed of vehicles in the village. Several very kind, community minded people volunteered to become part of the village speed watch team but we need more. If you are concerned about speeding through the village this is your opportunity to do something about it. If you would like more information about the scheme or would like to sign up please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Council at lea.parish.council@gmail.com or 07791088761. Lea will be working with Knaith Park Parish Council on this initiative. With enough volunteers, the commitment could be just an hour a month. This scheme is soon to become more important because, after many years of campaigning by the Parish Council and Lea School, something is about to change in our village. This is an extract from an email recently received from Lincolnshire County Council Highways Dept

The results of the speed surveys on Gainsborough Road … have established that, subject to the approval of the Planning and Regulation Committee, we will be able to progress a speed limit order to reduce the existing 40mph speed limit on Lea Rd to 30mph. This is a statutory process which will take a number of months to complete. (Lea Parish Council have clarified that it is, in fact, the Gainsborough Rd through Lea)

We need you to ensure that 30mph means 30mph. The more people who come forward to help, the more effective these changes will be. HELP US MAKE OUT VILLAGE SAFER.


Other issues were raised and discussed by village residents and will now form part of future Parish Council meeting agendas where they can be further discussed and decisions made:

Changes within Lea Park, such as increasing the capacity of the car park, fencing off of areas to be designated as dog free or dogs on a lead, with clear signage. Public Space Protection Orders can be applied for in an attempt to enforce control of dogs throughout the park including dogs banned from Play Area.

Future use of the land leased to Lea and Roses Cricket Club

Provisions for children aged 12 and over in Lea Park

Public toilets in Lea Park

Litter – especially from Gainsborough take aways, and more litter bins

A request that Council investigates “registered” footpaths, as recorded by National Geographic, to understand their relevance.

50 Year celebrations of Lea Park

Overgrown hedges a problem at various points around the village

Please contact Lea Parish Council or attend a Council meeting if you wish to contribute your opinion on any of these issues.


The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration Day Lea Park 5th June 2022

After much anticipation and excitement, the day finally dawned and the heavens opened!  But rain didn’t stop play as gazebos were situated, tents pitched and the spirit soldiered on. Proceedings got underway at 12 noon when the bells of St Helens Church peeled across the village and Park. Everyone stood to sing The National Anthem led by The Gainsborough Musical Theatre Society and Lea School Choir. Our local hero Louis announced the Queen’s Jubilee Celebration as officially open and the fun began! The Gainsborough Musical Theatre Society treated listeners to extracts from their production of ‘The Little Shop of Horrors’. Stalls included Rainbows and Brownies where youngsters could express their artistic talents. The 203 Squadron Air Cadets held a tombola and demonstrated their marching skills with drill exercises. Local groups Lea Park Tennis Club and Gainsborough Bowmen turned out to invite everyone to participate, which proved very popular. Traditional donkeys trod Lea Park to bring old-fashioned rides. The Lea Women’s Institute helped in the Butler’s Pantry to ensure the tea was poured and cakes served with a smile. Children from Street Dance, The Studio showed the crowd a dazzling display of dance. Rugby Union Football Club offered a chance to learn the skill of taking a penalty kick as well as showing how it’s done by the professionals. Bygone Lea, where The Delvers presented time-travel in the form of rare and treasured pictures and a quiz. On the popular coconut shy one boy won 6 coconuts and one little girl knocked down 3 coconuts with 3 consecutive balls. All this happened to the backdrop of Disco Bob and his mobile music machine then local band “Just for Kicks” took to the stage to perform a showcase of songs which had the spectators rocking in the rain. All this activity worked up an appetite but there were plenty of tasty offerings. Congratulations to everyone who won in the Big Raffle Draw. Special thanks go to the many volunteers who gladly and cheerfully contributed to make this event possible.

Lea Clubs and contact details

The knitting group/art for fun – 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 10am – 11:30. In Lea Methodist Church (the Little Retreat) Pat Gray 01427 629250

Brownies - Girls aged 7-10 years.  Monday 5.15-6.45pm.  Lea Village Hall. Paula Woffinden 01427 811080 

Bowls Club - Short mat bowls. Next season details to follow.

Yoga and Pilates - Tuesday 9:30 – 10:30 Lea Village Hall Nicky 07413855580

Art Group -  Tuesday 2-4 Lea Village Hall Richard 01427 717024 07973387946

Lea Park Tennis Club Tuesday 7pm, Wednesday & Friday from 2pm. Coaching available. Phil Juhos 01427 613562 

Scorpion Taekwondo Tuesday 4-6 Lea Village Hall Contact: Tom 07749972482                    Gainsborough Bowmen - Tuesda7-9pm.gainsboroughbowmen@gmail.com                               

Vitality Exercise Class - Wednesday 10-11am. Liz Clews 01427 615608 or 07751 964832               

Seated exercise Wednesday 11-12 Lea Village Hall Liz Clews 01427 615608 or 07751 964832 

Rainbows – Girls aged 4 to 7 years. Thursday 5:00-6:00pm. Lea Village Hall. Pauline Barlow, Tel 07484 253357

Lea Women’s Institute – 1st Thursday of the month 7.30pm  Lea Village Hall Jackie Summers 01427 615382

Bootcamp Friday morning Lea Village Hall Sarah Chapman: 07825729059  sarah_dee_26@hotmail.com

 Kick Boxing Friday 4-6 Lea Village Hall Sam Atkinson. Samatkinson8019@gmail.com

LatinFit - Friday 6.30-7.30pm. Lea Village Hall.  Elizabeth 01427 678269 or 07939 643058  

Lea & Roses Cricket Club -Stuart Menzies. Chair - stuart29menzies@btinternet.com Sue Roberts Vice Chair – info@elstonandhopkin.co.uk