Lea Life December 2022

Lea Life December 2022

Parish Council Meetings: 16th January, 6th March 2023.

Please note these are subject to change but all meetings will be advertised in the Parish Council notice boards on the side of the Butler’s Pantry and on The Green.


Lea Village Festival

Call to action: the Lea Park Festival 2023 needs your help!

In 1973 Lea Parish Council began managing Lea Park and a celebration was held.  Historical records have been studied to understand how the occasion was marked back then.  Old photographs and newspaper clippings reveal that there was a float procession, a tractor display, a May Pole and May Queen.

In 2023, Lea Parish Council will commemorate 50 years of looking after Lea Park with a celebration day.  There will be echoes of the original event and lots more.  Plans are underway for live music, foods stalls, fun activities and entertainment for all.  Just like in 1973, there will be a tractor display featuring local vehicles built in Gainsborough.  Those of you who know your Field Marshall from your Nuffield Ferguson will be impressed by the preservation of these magnificent specimens.  We are also expecting the return of the much-loved donkeys for the little ones who want to take a turn about the orchard.  For the adventurous, the sky is the limit as you will be invited to climb “The Edge”.  This mountaineering wall would challenge your dexterity and strength to the max.  A variety of refreshments will be available throughout the day so save the date – Saturday 9th September 2023.

Were you at the Lea May Festival in 1973?  If so, we would love to hear from you.  We want to know more about what happened and perhaps you could join us as a special guest.  We also need volunteers.  Perhaps you could spare a few hours to shape the success of this exciting event. 

Email to get in touch: lea.parish.council.jmartin@gmail.com


Community Speed watch

Can you give-up a few hours of your time each month to keep Lea residents safe?  We are looking for volunteers to join our village’s community speed watch team. 

What is community speed-watch?

Community speed-watch is a scheme to allow trained volunteers to address speed concerns in their communities.  Volunteers work in association with the police and Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership.  Warning signs are displayed on the approach to the speed-check area and volunteers wearing high visibility clothing use a speed detection device to record a vehicle’s speed.  Registered keepers of vehicles exceeding the speed limit will be sent letters of advice from the police.

Who can be a volunteer?

Anyone who is over 18 can volunteer and full training will be given which takes just few hours one evening.  Community speed-watch teams will comprise of a minimum of three trained volunteers so you will bever be expected to work alone. 

How do I find out more?

If you would like to find out more or would like to register your interest as a volunteer please email emma.parishcouncil@yahoo.com



Pop Up Pantry and Play Park

On 11th December it will be the last pop-up pantry of the year.  Like last year, we will be serving non-alcoholic mulled wine and Christmas treats.  At the earlier time of 1.00 pm until 3.00 pm, please come along and support us.  We will still be displaying the proposed new play area planned in Lea Park.  It’s your chance to have a say in the future.


Vacancy for a Councillor on Lea Parish Council

There is a vacancy on Lea Parish Council for one Councillor.  If you would be interested in knowing more about the role please contact Barry Rooks on email address lea.parish.council@gmail.com


Cricket club

Lea Parish Council extend warm thanks to the cricket club for allowing part of the cricket field to be used for the goal posts.  It was a real community effort as Louis raised the money, local people installed the fixture which is now being enjoyed by the many children of Lea. 


Maintaining the village

Despite the drought this summer, the village was beautifully maintained by Tivolli Contractors and a few keen volunteers.  Everyone benefits from their hard work so they deserve our thanks in appreciation.  Come next spring, it would be marvellous if more people could come forward to maintain the scenery and greenery. 


Christmas Lights

Thanks go to the kind volunteers who yet again have placed the lights in the trees on the village green.  They are a welcome sight as we enter the village and bring some festive spirit to the area. 

Lea Parish Council would like to wish all residents season’s greetings and a happy new year!









Lea Clubs and contact details

Lea Park Tennis Club -Tuesday from 7pm, Wednesday & Friday from 2pm. Coaching available. Phil Juhos 01427 613562 

Brownies - Girls aged 7-10 years.  Monday 5.15-6.45pm.  Lea Village Hall. Paula Woffinden 01427 811080 

Rainbows – Girls aged 4 to 7 years. Thursday 5:00-6:00pm. Lea Village Hall. Pauline Barlow, Tel 07484 253357 or 01427 717504

Bowls Club - Short mat bowls. Next season details to follow.

Gainsborough Bowmen - Tuesday 7-9pm. gainsboroughbowmen@gmail.com 

Vitality Exercise Class - Wednesday 10-11am. Liz Clews 01427 615608 or 07751 964832 

Lea Youth Club 8 to 18 years.  LeaYouthClub@hotmail.com or Emma on 07971861115 

Lea & Roses Cricket Club -Stuart Menzies. Chair - stuart29menzies@btinternet.com Sue Roberts Vice Chair – info@elstonandhopkin.co.uk

Lea Women’s Institute – 1st Thursday of the month 7.30pm  Lea Village Hall Jackie Summers 01427 615382

LatinFit - Friday 6.30-7.30pm. Lea Village Hall.  Elizabeth 01427 678269 or 07939 643058  

The knitting group/art for fun – 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 10am – 11:30. In Lea Methodist Church (the Little Retreat) Pat Gray 01427 629250

Gainsborough Cancer Support Group: 3rd Thursday of each month at Gainsborough House 10 till 12 Sue or Jean on 07707 707140


Lea’s Churches 

Church of St Helen: Rev Phillip Wain 01427 839933. Church Warden – Mrs Joy Linegar 01427 613135 

Lea Methodist Church: Minister: Rev Louise Carr.  Every Sunday at 10.30am followed by fellowship with coffee/tea and biscuits.