Lea life March 2021

Lea Life 7th Edition

Parish Council Meetings:

Throughout the lockdown period, Lea Parish Council has continued to meet in order to adhere to its legal guidelines. This has been achieved virtually by using Zoom. The next Parish Council meeting will take place on 8th March at 7:00pm. This will again be a virtual Zoom meeting. A request can be made to the Clerk to join the meeting and contribute to the first 15 minutes, which is public speaking time, and observe the rest of the meeting. For details please contact Barry Rooks at lea.parish.council@hotmail.com or 07791088761.

Please note that the postal address for Lea Parish Council is c/o 28 Gainsborough Road, Lea DN21 5HS.

All meetings are advertised on the Parish website, lea.parish.lincolnshire.gov.uk  and in the notice boards on the Butler’s Pantry and on The Green. Meetings are subject to change, any changes will be advertised.


Lea Parish Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer

Following the resignation of Graham Barber in his role of Parish Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer, Lea Parish Council are very pleased to have appointed Mr Barry Rooks to these roles. The Council is very much looking forward to working with Barry in the future. Barry is a resident of the village and is looking forward to supporting the Council as it tries to provide a wider range of activities and events as well as ensuring that the everyday functions are completed in a timely manner whilst adhering to all legal guidelines.

The Parish Council wish to thank Graham for his contribution to the village, both as a Parish Councillor and in his more recent role as Clerk. We wish him, and his family, every happiness in the future.


New village website

Lea Parish Council has launched a new village website which can be seen at lea.parish.lincolnshire.gov.uk  The new website has been launched so as to ensure it meets all current accessibility legislation. We hope you will have a look at it and the link to the Lea Life Facebook page. It is still a work in progress and we continue to add content. Maybe you would like to contribute something, just email your news/article/information to lea.parish.council.hleone@hotmail.com and we will try to publish it.  Please note this site can not be used for advertising items or services.

A Message from Lea Park Tennis - Use it or lose it!

Lea Park has been more of an asset than ever during these restricted times. The Parish Council, with local volunteers, has worked hard to enhance the environment by establishing a wild flower area and picnic benches and it is wonderful to see it being used more than ever before!

Lea tennis club was founded in 1981 and a lease with Lea Parish Council was established in 1985. Ever since its inception, the club has been primarily for the use of the community, and for nearly 40 years it has been a stable presence in Lea Park providing competitive sport and social activity for all. There are huge benefits to be gained both physically and socially, by meeting and playing tennis. New members of all abilities are needed and welcome. There is a friendly atmosphere, a nice old clubhouse and floodlights for evening play. Coaching is available on request. It is not a private members club. Please join us!

Unfortunately the Coronavirus pandemic resulting in restrictions and at times the cessation of play. Tighter restrictions followed, along with severe winter weather, and this has resulted in a deterioration of the courts’ surface, making them currently unsafe for play. Like so many others, the club has fallen on hard financial times and the courts are now in desperate need of refurbishment (at a cost of approx £20,000). The club is currently engaged in raising funds to have the courts cleaned but there is a severe shortfall in the total amount needed. The club is asking the local community of Lea and surrounding district for offers of help. It would be such a shame if the courts were to fall into ruin and tennis could no longer be enjoyed in the park.  As restrictions are eased and play is allowed to resume, our plans for 2021 will include Open Days, Tennis Tasters for All and a friendly tournament. In addition, the courts are open to the Public at £5 per court per hour. Bookings can be made through the contact details below.

Membership enquiries, offers of help, court bookings: Contact Phil Juhos 01427 613562 philipjuhos@gmail.com or Gordon Warnes warnes@doctors.org.uk


Lea Park

Now the snow has cleared and the temperature has increased a bit there is an opportunity to see the wonderful display of snowdrops as you turn off the main road into the park road. This display has been brought about following the clearing of the area that took place last year.  How sad then that people have been seen digging up and removing these plants. They were planted by volunteers several years ago for everyone to enjoy. Please feel free to take picture, but don’t take the plants. Thank you.

The Parish Council has started a new project to put more hedging in around the park. In March it will receive some more saplings from the Woodland Trust and it is intended that some of these will be used as infill for the hedge along the roadside next to the football play area.

Whilst the ground water level remains high it is requested that care is taken around any areas of standing water in Lea Park. Some of this water is quite deep and therefore people and animals should avoid going into the water.

Fix my street

If you notice roads, pavements, signs, street lighting etc that are in poor condition you can report this direct to the West Lindsey District Council via their website https://www.fixmystreet.com/ The Parish Council has recently been successful in ensuring grit bins are full as well as repairs to a damaged lamp post and blocked roadside grates. They have also ensured that fly tipped material has been removed and a gas leak repaired.

The Little Retreat at Lea Methodist Church

During Lent the village has been invited to place a star with a name on it in the Little Retreat garden to remember someone you love and have lost. Please write a name on a star and try to make it waterproof. If you can't do this then send it to Rev Louise Carr at 7 The Avenue, Gainsborough DN21 1EP & she will laminate and hang them for you. The stars will be taken down on the last Sunday in March and every person and family named in a short memorial service. Unfortunately, it is unlikely they can invite anyone but know they will be remembered.

Lea Clubs and contact details

Please contact individual clubs for current situation and restart dates

Lea Park Tennis Club - Phil Juhos 01427 613562 

Art Group -, Douglas Austin 01427 612396 

Brownies - Paula Woffinden 01427 811080 

Bowls Club - Tom Dubber 01427 613064 

Gainsborough Bowmen -. gainsboroughbowmen@gmail.com 

Vitality Exercise Class - Liz Clews 01427 615608 or 07751 964832 

Lea Youth Club- LeaYouthClub@hotmail.com or Emma on 07971861115 

Lea & Roses Cricket Club -Stuart Menzies.  Chair -  stuart29menzies@btinternet.com

Rainbows - Gill Gray 01427 612125 

Lea Women’s Institute -Jackie Summers 01427 615382 email: the.summers@btinternet.com 

LatinFit - Elizabeth 01427 678269 or 07939 643058 

Bible Fellowship - Pat Gray 01427 629250 

Lea Women’s Fellowship -Barbara Graville 01427 615268 or Joy Linegar 01427 613135 

Prayer Shawl Fellowship –  Pat Gray 01427 629250 or Margaret Lilley 01427 615933 

Gainsborough Cancer Support Group - Sue or Jean on 07707 707140

Lea’s Churches 

Church of St Helen: Rev Phillip Wain 01427 839933. Church Warden – Mrs Joy Linegar 01427 613135 

Lea Methodist Church: Minister: Rev Louise Carr.