Lea Life Special Edition - April 2020

P C Meetings: These are currently suspended but information about current work can be found on LEA  LIFE on Facebook  and Lea Parish Council website.



Village support

You will have received a leaflet outlining the support that Lea Parish Council wished to organise for residents of our village. We are proud to say that 30 residents volunteered as helper, and we offer them our grateful thanks. We also had requests from residents for help. We have been able to match these together and the system is now working well. As we enter another 3 weeks of lock down we envisage that food and medication stocks will be reducing and maybe you are feeling more isolated and lonely. If you are finding shopping or loneliness difficult at the moment PLEASE ask for help, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE IN THE GROUPS HIGHLIGHTED BY THE GOVERNMENT OVER 70 OR HAVING MAJOR UNDERLYING HEALTH ISSUES. We have volunteers ready to assist you. All you need to do is phone the village clerk, Graham Barber on 07720053368 and he will make the arrangements from there. All the information you give will remain solely with Graham, the volunteers will only have your name, address and your requirements. All information will be deleted when this service comes to an end.


Local heroes

We have heard of plenty of examples of residents in the village helping their friends and neighbours. This is heart warming to hear and shows real village kindness. If you are supporting a neighbour we thank you. Please ensure you are following Government guidelines on safe distancing and not entering any other household. Please leave deliveries on the doorstep. If you have a neighbour who is supporting you then why not tell us about your local hero. It would be great if we could thank them too. Please let us know via Graham Barber on 07720053368 or email lea.parish.council@hotmail.com.  

Lea Park

We know that many residents are using our village park for their daily exercise, which is good to hear. Spring is well under way and the ground is drying out after all the rain we had over winter. So far this year we have had a beautiful display of Snowdrops and Daffodils. Now the blossom is out and the Bluebells will soon be at their best. The bluebell is protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981), so please only look, take photos and enjoy. There are many wild flowers in Lea Park. The Primroses have now come to an end but the Forget-me-nots, Celandine, White dead-nettles, Daisies, Speedwell and Dandelion are there in abundance. Please do remember your social distancing and be considerate to others using the park for their daily exercise. The benches have been taped off by the police and the children’s play area is closed. The park is only to be used for exercise at this time NOT for socialising.

Picnic in the Park

We were disappointed to have to cancel the Quiz Night planned for 2nd May, as we looked forward to organising some village events. The planned Picnic in the Park is also now postponed - we don’t want to say cancelled. It may be later in the year, or maybe even next summer, but the Parish Council will reorganise this opportunity for us to get together and celebrate being residents of Lea.

Ongoing issues

Despite the lock down, Lea Parish Council continues to function and we are currently working to the guidelines issued by the National and Local Associations for Parish Councils, stipulating how we continue to meet our legal obligations during these strange times. As well as supporting residents we are ensuring that other issues continue - the grass in Lea Park and the verges around the village is still being cut (workers arriving in separate vehicles and maintaining social distancing).We have used our daily exercise time to survey the benches around the village and have started to think about how we repair/replace as needed.  Please remember we have 2 defibrillator units in the village - 1 on Butlers Pantry the other on the Village Hall. These were cleaned and checked this week. If you believe anyone in your household is suffering a major health incident please still call 999 in an emergency.

Competition time

Looking for something to do? Lea PC invites you to enter our picture competition. Simply take a photo of somewhere in Lea then, when you get home, turn it into a picture - using any medium you choose. Take a photo of your picture and email it to lea.parish.council@hotmail.com along with your name and address and which category you are in. Keep your pictures safe. We will look at the entries at a future Parish Council meeting awarding prizes in the following categories: under 5, under 10, under 16 and adult. We will hope to display the pictures when we have our Picnic in the Park and on LEA LIFE Facebook page.