Lea Life 6th Edition




Parish Council Meetings:

Throughout the lockdown period, Lea Parish Council has continued to meet in order to adhere to it’s legal guidelines. This has been achieved virtually by using Zoom. The next Parish Council meeting will take place on 24th August at 7:00pm. This will again be a virtual Zoom meeting. A request can be made to the Clerk to join the meeting and contribute to the first 15 minutes, which is public speaking time, and observe the rest of the meeting. For details please contact Graham Barber at lea.parish.council@hotmail.com or 07720053368

Please note: meetings are subject to change but all meetings will be advertised in the Parish Council notice boards on the side of the Butler’s Pantry and on The Green.


Lea Village Support:

Throughout the lockdown period, Lea Parish Council are proud to have organised and supported a village scheme that linked volunteers with residents requiring assistance. This scheme worked very successfully and the Council wish to thank everyone involved. The Council is also aware of residents who have been there for neighbours doing a variety of jobs to make life easier. Grateful thanks are offered to all these people too. Now is the time for the village scheme to end, but Council remains aware that any second spike could see a redeployment of the village scheme.

Council believes its responsibility to support the residents of Lea continues - if any resident has a real difficulty and requires help please contact the Parish Clerk and support will be arranged, where it is possible.


The Rotary Club:

Residents may have seen or heard about articles that appeared in the Lincolnshire Echo and Gainsborough Standard regarding the future of the annual Lea Bonfire and Fireworks Display. Information for these articles, attributed to Rotary Club, was given anonymously, contained inaccuracies and did not represent their views. Both the Rotary Club and Lea Parish Council were disappointed that these articles were printed without the papers establishing the facts and both papers have now acknowledged the error and have issued apologies.

A very successful meeting was held between the 2 parties and, whilst saddened that there will be no event this year due to the ongoing Covid situation, they are looking forward to working together to plan the 2021 event. It has been agreed that it would not be in the best interests of health and safety and the environment for a bonfire to be part of future events.

Could you be a Parish Councillor?

Currently there are vacancies within Lea Parish Council and interested, motivated residents are needed to fill the spaces. The current Council is a blend of new and experienced, working and retired, councillors who will be supportive and encouraging to any new councillor. Training is also provided to ensure any new councillor is aware of their powers as well as their responsibilities. The Council meets every 6 weeks but there are always ongoing tasks to get involved with. This is a very exciting time to join the Council. An ambitious 4 year plan, including the provision of new facilities and whole village events, has been adopted by the council so ensuring that the Council is more proactive within the village. Could you be part of making these plans become a reality? If you want to learn more about becoming a councillor please contact the Parish Clerk, Graham Barber 07720053368 or  lea.parish.council@hotmail.com You are also welcome to sit in on any Council meeting to see us at work!



Lea Park:

It has been wonderful to see our village park being used so much during the pandemic. The Parish Council and local volunteers have been working hard to open up the park for more usable space and enhance the presentation of it. We are starting to prepare an area in the orchard to become a Wildflower Meadow. We will be using native British wild flowers and grass seeds providing an important habitat for bees, butterflies and other pollinators. It won’t be long before the fruit in the orchard is ripe, remember this is a village orchard and everyone is welcome to come down and pick fruit. The entrance off the main road to the park has been cleared to provide a smarter appearance to our village, this is an ongoing project which we hope to see the full benefits of next year.

Due to the increased numbers using the park we have installed 3 new bins. One is replacing the large bin behind Butler’s Pantry that got damaged and disappeared. A small one near the tennis courts that can be used for general and dog waste, the 3rd one is between the entrance to the woods and cricket field for dog waste only.   An additional dog waste bin has been installed on Gainsborough Rd at the junction with Rectory Lane.

The Parish Council have been assessing the benches and picnic tables and have noted there is both some repair work to be done on the existing ones and a need for more. To enhance the area behind the Butler’s Pantry the bonfire crater has been filled-in and seeded and new picnic tables and benches will be installed  over the next few months.

We hope you will come and enjoy the park. If you have any spare time and would like to join our volunteer working party then please contact the Parish Clerk.

Village events:

The Parish Council were disappointed to postpone the planned Quiz Night and Picnic in the Park. New dates will be planned as soon as it is safe to do so. Watch this space!


Getting back to normal:

Lea Village Hall committee intend to reopen the Village Hall from September, subject to legislation at that time and following all necessary guidelines. Unfortunately they have had to take the decision to cancel both the Summer BBQ and the New Year’s Eve Party.

Gainsborough Cancer Support Group plans to restart on 20th August and every 3rd Thursday of the month at a new venue - Roses Sports and Social Club, North Warren Road, Gainsborough, DN21 2TU, 10 till 12. For more details please contact Sue or Jean on 07707 707140.


Lea Clubs and contact details

Please contact individual clubs for current situation and restart dates

Lea Park Tennis Club - Phil Juhos 01427 613562 

Art Group -, Douglas Austin 01427 612396 

Brownies - Paula Woffinden 01427 811080 

Bowls Club - Tom Dubber 01427 613064 

Gainsborough Bowmen -. gainsboroughbowmen@gmail.com 

Vitality Exercise Class - Liz Clews 01427 615608 or 07751 964832 

Lea Youth Club- LeaYouthClub@hotmail.com or Emma on 07971861115 

Lea & Roses Cricket Club -Stuart Menzies.  Chair -  stuart29menzies@btinternet.com Sue Roberts . Vice Chair – info@elstonandhopkin.co.uk

Rainbows - Gill Gray 01427 612125 

Lea Women’s Institute -Jackie Summers 01427 615382 email: the.summers@btinternet.com 

LatinFit - Elizabeth 01427 678269 or 07939 643058 

Bible Fellowship - Pat Gray 01427 629250 

Lea Women’s Fellowship -Barbara Graville 01427 615268 or Joy Linegar 01427 613135 

Prayer Shawl Fellowship –  Pat Gray 01427 629250 or Margaret Lilley 01427 615933 

Gainsborough Cancer Support Group - Sue or Jean on 07707 707140


Lea’s Churches 

Church of St Helen: Rev Phillip Wain 01427 839933. Church Warden – Mrs Joy Linegar 01427 613135 

Lea Methodist Church: Minister: Rev Louise Carr.