Council minutes of meeting held 26th August 2020 1900hrs – Zoom conference meeting due to coronavirus/Covid 19 restrictions

Present: Councillors – Keith Austin, Joyce Austin, Fiona Anderson, Sheila Fox, Helen Leone, Graham Barber Parish Clerk

Public present: Ian Bradley – Co opted to Council



Cllr Paul Warner holiday

Accepted by Council.  Completed.


2 To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and to receive any applications for Dispensation.  Members may make any declarations at this point but may also make them at any point during the meeting

No Declarations recorded. Completed


3 To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held 17th July 2020

Mins 17th July 2020 Passed by resolution of the council; Chairman signed the minutes on behalf of council.



4 Interview Mr Ian Bradley Co-option to Council

Held in Closed Session.  Interview took place reflecting the important duties of a councilior, Mr Bradley accepted the responsibilities.

Mr Bradley was co opted as a councilior by resolution of the council. Mr Bradley signed the declaration of Acceptance of office and Register of Members Interests. Completed.

Clerk to send Declaration of Acceptance of Office, Register of Members Interest and Acceptance of the Code of Conduct to WLDC Monitoring Officer


5. Finance Matter – Reconciliation of Accounts -  23rd June – 23rd July 2020 & 23rd July – 10th August 2020. Reconciliation explanation given by the Clerk, Accounts verified by Cllr Leone. Completed.

5.1 Agree Budget cost for new financial year 2020/2021.

Account headings and budgets circulated by email prior to the meeting. New headings and supporting budgets accepted by resolution of the council. Completed

Headings and budgets to become operational from the 26th August 2020.


5.2 Accounts due for payments

A  Clerks Salary August 2020 – D/Debit

B  Clerks PAYE August 2020 – D/Debit

C  Purchase of dog waste and litter bins    £  660.00

D  Helen Leone – Cleaning Materials B/Pantry £      8.13

E  Linc IT – Computer Battery                  £    30.00

F  Tivoli Grass Cut August 2020       £1018.91

G  Sheila Fox – Screw Fix Fencing Stakes    £    27.99

H  Fiona Anderson Storage boxes B/Pantry    £    15.00

I  LC Printing Services    £    25.00

J  Helen Leone – De - humid Filters B/Pantry    £    13.76

K  Paul Warner – Bench repairs Lea Park    £    14.46

L  Forum Computers – 365 Office Licence        £  113.76


 5.2 Agreed by Resolution of the council – Signatories signed cheque payments. Clerk authorised to action payments.Completed.


5.3 Ratification of purchase of park picnic tables

     and Benches.



Woodberry picnic/Bench quote/order £4,562.40 Ratified by resolution of the Council

Earth Anchor Fast Dec & Fixings £2,289.60 Ratified by resolution of the Council

Clerk to progress order and plan for delivery and placements. Ongoing.


Ratification of 4 year

Cllr Leone gave a full explanation of the revised four year plan, it was agreed by council that F6 on the plan should be an ongoing action with council directing the clerk to contact LCC Cllr Butroid for an update on issues surrounding speeding and public crossing on Gainsborough Road Lea.

Council ratified by resolution the revised 4-year plan. Clerk to contact LCC Cllr Butroid

Clerk to report back updates by email to council. Ongoing.


6.1   Siting of Picnic tables and Benches

Chairman summarised the decisions made at the recent site visit. Council ratified siting of benches and picnic tables following a site visit. Clerk to email council members when delivery dates are confirmed.

Clerk to confirm delivery dates and organise working party. Ongoing. 


7 Clerks Report


A Meeting with Avis Housing Association – Trees and land next to bungalows.

Clerk informed council that Acis will be carrying out tree work to safeguard bungalow No 1 at Lea Park.

Avis queried the ownership of the land. Council noted the meeting and clarified ownership by land registration deeds. Completed.

B LCC Grass Cutting Agreement 2020/21. Noted by council. Clerk to Administer collection of Grants. Ongoing.


C Path and Drain cover repairs complete – Gainsborough Road (The Green). Completed.


D Litter Pick 11th – 27th September 2020. Council agreed 12th September 2020 for the annual litter pick. Clerk to organise and arrange clean with WLDC considering health and safety issues relating to Covid19. Cllrs Anderson/Leone to produce posters to advertise the event to village volunteers. Progress the planning of the event to take place 12th September 2020. Ongoing.


E Tivoli Crater Repair. Council noted the progress. Ongoing.


F Cricket in the Park. Clerk informed Council that 1st team Cricket was a priority for L&R CC. friendly games only will be played in Lea Park this year, as yet none have been planned. Noted by Council. Ongoing.


G Wheelchair access Lea Park. Council agreed to a site visit to look at alternatives to solve the problems of disabled access to the park. Clerk to coordinate with council a site visit. Ongoing.  


H LCC New Parish Council Website

Clerk shared the problems being experienced on the work carried out on the new LCC sponsored Parish Website. Council agreed to explore possible solutions to the problems. Cllrs Leone/Anderson and the Clerk to seek alternative website solutions. Ongoing.


8 Planning – Development Willingham Road

Report given by the Cllr J Austin on WLDC planning meeting held on Monday 24th August 2020.

Planning permission granted to Ripon Homes. Noted by Council. Ongoing.


8.1  Play Area Discussion – Development of the site

Council agreed to a site meeting on 3rd September 2020 to meet representive from Wicksteed playground suppliers. This will act as a starting point for Council to ascertain costings and potential new items for the play area. Clerk to coordinate Cllrs availability for the meeting. Ongoing.