Lea Parish Council   MINUTES

Council Minutes meeting held 1st February 2021 1900hrs – Zoom conference meeting due to coronavirus/Covid 19 restrictions


Present: Councillors – Keith Austin, Joyce Austin, Fiona Anderson, Helen Leone, Paul Warner, Sheila Fox.

Cllr Leone Acting Clerk for this meeting. Cllr K Austin, as Chair and on behalf of Council, thanked Cllr Leone for stepping in as interim clerk.


Public present: One member of the Parish

15-minute public forum – The parishioner asked a question about the village.  


1          Apologies: Cllr Bradley due to illness – Accepted by Council.


2          To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and   to receive any applications for Dispensation. Members may make any        declarations at this point but may also make them at any point during the meeting,

Cllr Leone declared an interest in Planning Application 142070 33 Gainsborough       Road and to abstain from this item..


3     To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held 14th December 2020

       Passed by resolution of the council; Chairman signed the Minutes on behalf of Council.


4   Lea Park, The Green and Village Green

            4.1 Tree Survey; Cllr Fox confirmed a survey will be carried out by Tree    Generation Lincoln between 10-12 February 2021 followed by a written report and then on-site feedback.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


            4.2       Update on acquiring quotes for external work on Butlers Pantry

            Cllr Warner has arranged two inspections for the work and waiting for a third to    be carried out.

            Action: Cllr Warner to issue a report when all three quotes received.


5     Finance

       5.1            Reconciliation of Accounts 23rd November to December 2020

            Reconciliation explanation given by Acting Clerk; Accounts and Bank statements verified by Cllr J Austin.

            Council agreed the Accounts by Resolution – Chairman signed accounts on                       behalf of Council.


            5.2 Accounts for Payment


F        E-on electricity bill                                                                                         £53.50


       Agreed by Resolution of the Council – Signatories signed cheque payments.

Action: Clerk authorized to make payments.


            5.3 Income

A  Tennis Club lease                                                                                                 £150


6.         Clerks Report/Correspondence

                        A         Tennis Club. Cllr Leone has been in contact with the Tennis Club. They                             would like to have a meeting with      members from Lea Parish Council to                                     discuss ways of obtaining grants and funding to ensure the future of the                              club.

                        B         Fly Tipping. Cllr Anderson reported to council that rubbish had been                                              dumped on Lea Lincs land at the edge of Lea Park along the A156. Cllr                              Leone contacted WLDC who are taking action. The rubbish has not yet                              been removed and more added since first reported.

                                    Action: Acting Clerk to re-contact WLDC.

C.  Cllr Leone queried with E-on about the electricity charges. The tariff is                      fixed until March 2022.

Action: Clerk to obtain more competitive price early February 2022

D       Fix my street. Lamps, gas leak, drains and refilling of grit boxes                                  completed.

Action: Cllr Anderson to report outstanding issues regarding street         sign and overgrown hedgerow along A156.

E        Letter received from LIVES for a donation. Recognising the valuable                     work they carry out Councillors agreed a donation of £50 under Section               137.

Action: Acting Clerk to send a cheque to LIVES


  1. Council Policies

New Expenses and Environmental policies were adopted by resolution of      the Council.

Standing Orders are in need of review ahead of adoption (May).

Action: Cllr J Austin to review Standing Orders and Cllr Anderson            media/communications policy.                    



  1. Highways

No response from Cllr Butroid yet received.

Action: Cllr K Austin to continue to pursue outstanding highway             issues


  1. CIL money/consultation

Building activity expected to commence on the Willingham Road site in       the near future.

Action: Council to publish information in next edition of Lea Life


  1. Calendar of regular council business

The calendar of regular council business was agreed as a useful working       document.

Clerk to update/amend document as required


  1. Planning – Report by Cllr J Austin

Applications 142070 33 Gainsborough Road and 142234 Land at Lansdall Avenue no comments to be made.

Action: Cllr J Austin to notify Planning WLDC

Application 142208 Foxby Lane awaiting further information before responding.

Action: Cllr J Austin to advise council when information received



Council resolved to hold the next item in closed session           


  1. Personnel Committee

Personnel Committee updated Council on progress to appoint a new clerk.




Dates of the next three meeting agreed 8 March, 12 April and 19 May 2021.



Chair closed the meeting at 2105hrs



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