Lea Parish Council   A38

Council Minutes meeting held 14th December 2020 1900hrs – Zoom conference meeting due to coronavirus/Covid 19 restrictions


Present: Councilors – Keith Austin, Joyce Austin, Fiona Anderson, Helen Leone, Ian Bradley, Sheila Fox, Graham Barber Parish Clerk


Public present: None

15-minute public forum – not required   


1          Apologies: Cllr Warner family commitments – Accepted by Council


2          To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and   to receive any applications for Dispensation. Members may make any        declarations at this point but may also make them at any point during the meeting

            None Received


3     To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held 9th November 2020

       Correction to Minute, amend address on Planning Application No 141715 to read Gainsborough Road.

       Passed by resolution of the council; Chairman signed the Minutes on behalf of Council.


4    Lea Park, The Green and Village Green

                        4.1 Tree Survey; approve appointment of surveyor

                        Council agreed by resolution to award the tender to Tree Generation                                               Lincoln                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

                        Action Clerk to confirm tender agreement


                        4.2       Anticipated Tree remedial work; impact on Budget/ Reserves 2020/21

                        Council agreed to wait for the survey to be completed before planning the                          use of Reserves to support essential tree work in the park and Village                            Green

                        Action Wait Tree Survey Report – Clerk to Email to Council





5     Finance

       5.1            Reconciliation of Accounts 25th October to 23rd November 2020

            Reconciliation explanation given by Clerk; Accounts and Bank statements             verified by Cllr Anderson

            Council agreed the Accounts by Resolution – Chairman signed accounts on           behalf of Council

            5.2       Final Budget for 2021/22 and level of Reserves for 2021/22

                        Council Confirmed budget and Reserves for the year.


            5.3       Agree Precept for 2021/22

                        Council agreed by resolution of the Council a Precept of £19,500


            5.4       Section 137 – Request from Lea Church

                        Council agreed by resolution to make a one off S137 payment to support                            the annual maintenance of the Church Clock. Payment will be made on                                    receipt of the maintenance invoice.   

                        Action - Clerk to write confirming offer.


                        5.5 Accounts for Payment



       Agreed by Resolution of the Council – Signatories signed cheque payments.                                                        Action: Clerk authorized to make payments


  1. Lea Park - Play Area
    1. Wicksteed & Playhouse Doncaster quotes receive

                        A third company will be invited to quote

Action Councillor Fox

  1. Tree Survey Lea Park – Report back Cllr Fox

Noted by Council


  1.             Parish Council Website – Report by Cllr Leone/Anderson, site had been     made live by LCC Council. Chairman on behalf of Council thanked the work completed by both councilors and noted that the site was now live and further            work is required to transfer other information onto the site.





8          Clerks Report/Correspondence

                        A         Clerk Resignation

                                    Council accepted the Clerks resignation and thanked him for the work                                completed on behalf of Council

                        B         Complaint regarding the Village Sign on Willingham Road.

                                    Clerk explained the concerns of the resident – Council acknowledged the                           complaint and will contact LCC Highways Department.

                                    Action Clerk to write to LCC Highways and Resident to acknowledge                                the complaint on behalf of LPC



  1.    Planning – Report by Cllr J Austin


9.1            Application and Proposals of Street Names Willingham Road               Development   

                                                Final selection made by WLDC - Noted by Council


9.2            Application No 141713 Erect Bungalow at 15a Lansdall Ave Lea                DN21 5JL

                 Granted – Noted by Council


  1. Application No 141715 Erect dwelling land adjacent 14 Gainsborough Road Lea DN21 5HZ

Granted – Noted by Council


  1. Personnel Committee / Resignation of Clerk/Recruitment

Following resignation of Councilior Warner from the Personnel Committee, Council resolved to co-opt Councilior Fox to fill the vacancy.


This item is held in closed session – No public access


Date of the next meeting 25 January 2020