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Draft Minutes A40 – March 8th 2021

Minutes from council meeting on March 8th 2021 7pm Zoom meeting due to Covid 19 restrictions.

Present: Councillors – Keith Austin(Chair), Joyce Austin, Fiona Anderson, Helen Leone(vice chair), Paul Warner, Sheila Fox, Barry Rooks(Parish Clerk)

Public present: Julian Needham, Rotary Club

15-minute public forum: Julian Needham informed the council that the Rotary Club will no longer be holding their bonfire/fireworks event at Lea Park as they have found a more suitable venue.  Julian thanked the council for the use of the park and their involvement, and the council thanked Julian and wished them well at the new venue.    

  1. Apologies: Ian Bradley(work commitments)


  1. To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and to receive any applications for Dispensation.  Members may make any declarations at this point but may also make them at any point during the meeting. NONE received.


  1. To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held 1st February 2021

      Passed by resolution of the council; Chairman signed the Minutes on behalf of Council. Action:       Cllr Leone to place the approved minutes on the website.

4Digital Mapping: Cllr K Austin: Key points from the report on the recent Digital Mapping             training course were outlined by Cllr. K Austin. Councillors raised issues relating to the             ParishOnline (POL) mapping product. In particular; the specific benefits to Lea PC and             parishioners, the ease of use. A decision on adoption was deferred to the April meeting.

  •  contact councils who have digital mapping for user experience. Councillors to follow up the             leads to be obtained from POL. 
  •  provide links to additional sources of information (as listed in the report). Cllr J Austin
  •  check the connection with council insurance and report on options. Cllr Leone (refer also             action in item 6).


  1. Late summer event/possible use of Butler’s Pantry: Cllr’s Anderson, Leone & Warner. Discussion around trialling takeaway coffee/cakes in late summer. Council agreed to trial it subject to certain works being finished on the building and Covid restrictions. Cllr Leone to take the lead on the idea. Action: Cllr Leone to register the building for takeaway with WLDC for minimal cost.  Action: Several councillors to undergo level 2 food hygiene qualification, £10pp and valid for 12 months. 

Butler’s Pantry work: £3.5k quote for various works.  Action: Cllr Warner to ask builder to             itemise work so spend can be prioritised.

            6    Finance

                        6.1  Feb 23rd 2021:  In the bank: £11,409.49   In the ledger: £11,198.07

                        Reconciliation explanation given by Clerk.  Council agreed the Accounts by Resolution –                         Chairman signed accounts on behalf of Council.


                        6.2  Outstanding expenses:

            ALALC membership£269.40

  2. : Clerk authorised to pay



6.3  Outstanding Income

A       Eon refund tbc                               £82.98


6.4  Total spend to date for year 2020/21 = £24323.60  

        Total income to date for year 2020/21 = £20874.64


Council’s insurance policy was discussed as it is up for renewal.  Action: Cllr Leone to research and report options. 


            7   Clerk’s report

  1. Letter – expression of interest. Letter from Graham Barber expressing an interest in one of the current vacant positions on the council.  It was agreed that the LPC process for applicants be followed.  Action: clerk to forward letter to personnel committee. Action: personnel committee to review the request.

                        (ii)       Cloud & digital payments.  The new clerk noted that the previous clerk had                                               maintained very thorough accounts which made for a smoother transition.  The                                         council agreed to the clerk’s proposals to move all council documents (financial etc)                                     onto the cloud to enable easier access for council members and greater security of                                     information and for all payments, where possible, to be made digitally going forward.                                     Action: clerk to trial cloud documents with councillors and start the process of                                         moving all payments online with the bank.


            8    Governance Documents


                        8.1: Standing orders: revised version for finalisation ready for adoption at the May Annual                             meeting - Cllr J Austin.  Accepted by council, final adoption at AGM in May 2021

                        8.2: Code of Conduct - discuss options - Cllr J Austin. Action: rewrite to be sent out to                           council for review 

                        8.3: Policies - agree requirements for adoption at the Annual meetings and a list of possible                         additions. Council discussed the need for new policies and the updating of current policies.

                        Data Protection policy: Action: Cllr’s Leone and Anderson to review and compile a                                 comprehensive policy to include GDPR

                        HR policy: Action: Cllr Keith Austin to review

                        Advertising policy: Cllr J Austin to circulate draft for discussion at April meeting.

                        Communication & Engagement policy: Action: Cllr Leone to review

                        H&S policy(to incl Risk Assessment): Action: Cllr’s Warner & Fox to review

                        Action: clerk to ensure reviews and updates are carried out to the agreed timescales.


                        8.4: Financial regulationsAction: Council to review document for agreement at next                            meeting.


9    Planning: Report by Cllr J Austin


                        (i)   142070   33 Gainsborough Road - granted with conditions

                        (ii)  142234   Land at Lansdall Ave – granted

                        (iii) 142375  The Lindens, 3 Willingham Road – application to discuss: no objections from                    councillors, submission to be made.


The next item will be held in closed session

                10   Tennis Club:  Report and recommendations from working group following recent meeting.  Report                 accepted and Council’s response to be given at next joint meeting.  Article from club published in the latest                 Lea Life.

Date of the next meeting: 12th April 2021

Please note proposed dates for forthcoming meetings:

2021: 17th May (Annual Parish Council Meeting) Zoom meeting, 28th June, 2nd August, 20th September, 1st November, 13th December.

2022: 24th January, 7th March, 11 April, 16th May.