Minutes for Parish Council meeting 12th April 2021




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Minutes A41 – April 12th 2021

Minutes from council meeting on April 12th 2021 7pm Zoom meeting due to Covid 19 restrictions.

Present: Councillors – Keith Austin(Chair), Joyce Austin, Fiona Anderson, Helen Leone(vice chair), Sheila Fox, Barry Rooks(Parish Clerk)

Public present: None present 

One minutes silence was observed for HRH Prince Phillip 

  1. Apologies: Cllr Warner(work commitments)


  1. To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and to receive any applications for Dispensation.  Members may make any declarations at this point but may also make them at any point during the meeting. NONE received


  1. To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held 8th March 2021:

Correction to policy allocations. Cllr’s Fox & Warner will undertake the H&S policy and not the Risk Management document which will be reassigned in due course. With these amendments the minutes, A40, were passed by resolution of the council; Chairman signed the Minutes on behalf of Council. Action:       Cllr Leone to place the approved minutes on the website. It was also resolved that future draft and approved minutes would be displayed on the website but only approved minutes would be displayed on the noticeboards. 

  1. Councillor changes: Cllr Bradley - resignation, Mr G Barber - co-option.  Action: Clerk to action thankyou letter to Cllr Bradley.  Council resolved to co-opt Mr Barber.


  1. Woodland Management Plan - Lea Park: decide on quotes for remedial work. Protected Tree Application No 142710 submitted to WLDC. Action: Clerk to obtain quotes for agreed works.  Council agreed to plant two trees, one in memory of Prince Phillip and the second in memory of those affected by Covid 19.  Location to be decided at a future meeting.         


  1. Projects, Engagement and Funding: confirm action plan.  Action: Cllr Leone to draft a newsletter     to  residents as an initial engagement step to determine projects and the use of CIL money.

 Council resolved to provide a budget of £300 for Cllr’s Leone & Anderson to prepare for                                              

takeaway coffee & cakes from Butlers Pantry Commencing in the summer.


            7    Digital Mapping – decision on adoption.  Council agreed to defer decision until Sept 2021.


            8    Council Insurance renewal: options/quotes, Asset Register update. Cllr Leone continuing to 

           update the asset register in preparation for insurance quotes and renewal on June 1st.


            9    Finance 

                        9.1  Feb 23rd 2021:  In the bank: £ 11,409.49

       Mar 23rd 2021: In the bank: £12,595.66

                               (Received grass cutting income from LCC: £ 1,186.17)


                        9.2  Outstanding expenses: delayed awaiting access authorisation from bank, payees accepted   


                                    (i) £25 - Lea Life

                                    (ii) £24.50 - keys for BP - Cllr Fiona Anderson

                                    (iii) £810 - Tree survey report

                                    (iv) £269.40 - LALC annual membership fee - to pay by June 2021

(v) Approx £160 - EON(electricity BP) - £160 outstanding balance to be included in new monthly DD to start in April 2021.  

(vi) £43.07 - Water plus - surface water drainage at BP.  New DD starting 28th April 2021, £7.28pm for one year.  This will incorporate the outstanding £43.07 balance.  DD will reduce thereafter.

(vii) Clerks salary to be processed early April for Feb & March.  Smethurst Accountants contacted regarding processing monthly payroll.


9.3  End of year accounts:

       Opening balance 1st April 2020: £14,823.02

       Total income for 2020/21:            £21,977.83

       Total expenditure for 20/21:         £24,205.19

       Balance in bank 23rd Mar 2021:  £12,595.66


       To carry forward to 2021/22:       £12,595.66


Reconciliation explanation given by Clerk.  Council agreed the Accounts by Resolution –             Chairman signed accounts on behalf of Council.



            10   Clerk’s report 

                        (i)         Training course update

(ii)        Zoom subscription renewal - Renews on 15th April, £119.90 + VAT pa.  Council resolved to  agree zoom renewal       

            (iii)       Cloud documents. Council continues to transfer docs with support from Clerk.

                        (iv)       Play park inspection rota.  Action: Clerk to finalise before next meeting    


             11    Governance Documents 

11.1: Standing orders: revised version for finalisation ready for adoption at the May Annual meeting       - Cllr J Austin.  Council agreement and acceptance reached.

11.2: Code of Conduct: proposal to adopt WLDC Code  - Cllr J Austin: Council agreement and acceptance reached.


11.3: Policies: progress report - all councillors: Cllr’s continue to work on draft policies  and provide updates at next meeting.

                       11.4  Finance Regulations - compliance check: Council agreement and acceptance reached.



 12   Planning: Report by Cllr J Austin


(i)  142526 (previously 141715) – new dwelling on land adjacent to 14 Gainsborough Road:     Ratification of “No comments” submission made to WLDC.


             13   British Spring Clean  - decision on LPC involvement this year - Cllr Anderson: Council   decided not to do a formal litter pick this year but to run adhoc litter picks throughout the summer.  Any notifications to be put on website and Lea Life.


Date of the next meeting:  7pm Tues 4th May 2021(Annual Parish Council Meeting) Zoom meeting.