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You are hereby summoned to the Meeting of the Council which will be a Virtual Meeting, on 9th November 2020 at 1900hrs – This is a Zoom - Virtual Meeting

There will be a 15-minute, public forum at the beginning of the meeting should any members of the public wish to ask questions or make short statements to the Council. Any member of the public who wishes to take part in the public forum, can request to join the meeting by using Zoom conferencing facility using access code No 886 1435 8436 no password is required.

Alternatively supply a written statement or question to the clerk, which will be read out at the meeting.

Graham Barber Clerk to Lea Parish Council




To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and to receive any applications for Dispensation.  Members may make any declarations at this point but may also make them at any point during the meeting


To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held 28th September 2020


4     Finance – Reconciliation of Accounts 10th September 2020 to 25th October 2020


      4.1 Section 137 Request Rev Wain, St Helens Church for donation to support annual running costs of Church Clock


      4.2 Preliminary Summary of Precept Spending 2021/22


4.3  Accounts due for payments

A Online Playgrounds – Swings £180.00

B Printing ink Tesco £  51.35

C Npower Butlers Pantry £  87.89

D RBLI Purchase British Tommy £133.30

E ScrewFix Tape £  12.99

F Play Inspection Company £  81.00

G Clerks Salary November

H Clerks PAYE November

I Tivoli Grass Cutting October £1018.91






5 Lea Park - Play Area

5.1  Wicksteed & Playhouse Doncaster

5.2  Access to Lea Park – Report back site meeting Tivoli Clerk

5.3  Play Area Inspection Report - Adopt proposed remedial work programme. Councillor Anderson


6 Parish Council Website – Report Back Cllr Leone/Anderson

7 Clerks Report/Correspondence

A Email from Cllr R Butroid Highway issues

B Lea Support Group Vulnerable Residents



8 Planning – Report by Cllr J Austin


8.1 Application and Proposals of Street Names Willingham Road Development

8.2 Application No 141713 Erect Bungalow at 15a Lansdall Ave Lea DN21 5JL

8.3 Application N0 141715 Erect Dwelling Land adjacent to 14 Gainsborough Road Lea DN21 5HZ


9 Personnel Committee Report back on Clerk Survey

This item is held in closed session – No public access





Date of the next meeting







Graham Barber


Graham Barber

Clerk to Lea Parish Council