4 year plan

Lea Parish Council - 4 year plan

May 2019 - April 2023


Parish Councillors are elected to their post every 4 years (but can be co-opted or elected onto the council if vacancies arise during the intervening period). At the start of a 4 year period in 2019, Lea Parish Council devised and adopted a 4 year plan for actions that could be taken, within the term of their office, which would benefit the residents of Lea.

The 4 year plan was reviewed and updated in August 2020. The Covid pandemic obviously had an impact on the timings within the plan, though, where possible, work has continued.

The following is an updated version of the plan adopted by Council in August 2020.


Notes:  future projects were classified by time scale and costs, as categorised under 4 headings: events, facilities, green spaces, Lea Park improvements. This plan should be read alongside the Lea Park Plan.

Council has agreed:

These projects are achievable and beneficial to the residents of Lea

These projects can be delivered by the time scales projected below

Council still needs to consider:

How do we know if these projects meet the needs/wishes of the village? Which projects need consultation? How and when do we consult them?

Which projects need greater involvement (and leadership) by residents in order to proceed with them? How do we get other people engaged?

How are we going to achieve additional funding?


It is suggested that the calculations for low, medium and high costs are calculated as follows:

Low cost is up to 7% of precept, Medium cost is up to 20% of precept, High cost is over 20% of precept.


Year 1 - May 2019 to April 2020

1. Events:

Litter pick: Date to be set to coincide with National Spring Clean Event. Lead to set date and inform Council, WI and Youth Club. Event postponed due to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. Low cost

Quiz Night: Booked for 2nd May 2020. Event postponed due to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. Low cost


2. Facilities:

Refurbish Butler’s Pantry electricity. Electrics updated and certified. Medium costs


3. Green spaces:

All green spaces and work needed to be identified. Dates to be set for working parties to tidy each area (work postponed due to concentration on work in Lea Park) Low cost

Overhaul of village pump: Organise welding to repair pump fence. Identify work needed and date to be set for working party to tidy area.


Year 2 - May 2020 to April 2021

1. Events;

Picnic in the Park: Suggested date 15th July. Council to check date does not clash with village BBQ, to contact cricket and tennis clubs and Youth Club to request support and participation and to contact WI and school. Council to develop planning ‘map’ and allocate roles and responsibilities to all council members. (event postponed due to Covid-19 lock down restrictions). Medium cost.

Quiz night: To be organised when Covid 19 guidelines permit Low cost

Litter pick: completed 12th September 2020 Low cost.

50yrs celebration: Event to celebrate 50yrs of Lea Park. Postponed until 2023 due to Covid-19. High cost.


2. Facilities:

Play area: Start of project dependant on release of funds from Willingham Road development. High cost

Update of Butler’s Pantry: CIL + heritage grant? Architects initial report received. Council to establish heritage possibilities. Council to consider and decide on future actions. Council resolved to update current structure after receiving architect report and quotes for structural survey. Much more work completed than planned total internal redecoration. Plan now is to protect what we can, improve where possible and ensure safety of public.

Council to complete list of outstanding tasks. External treatment needed before winter. Working party to complete work before end of Sept 2020. Council to organise Fire Safety Inspection High cost.


3. Green spaces:

All green spaces and work needed to be identified. Dates to be set for working parties to tidy each area (work postponed due to concentration on work in Lea Park) Low cost

Village pump: Council to find welder to repair pump fence. To identify work needed and date to be set for working party to tidy area. Council to cost half day hire of shredder Renovation not completed but fencing has been made safe. Bench refurbished. Low cost.

Reclaim overgrown areas in Lea Park and improve access: Council to work with Tivoli to clear nettles and associated work to clear area. Council to organise working parties as and when needed. Bonfire crater to be filled and seeded and entrance area cut back and seeded. Medium cost.

Safer route within Green Wheel - Willingham Road by new dev’t.: Council to work on this alongside Willingham Rd development and meeting with Cllr Butroid. Highways consent needed to improve current pathway that is potentially very dangerous. Ongoing. Meeting with CLLR Butroid cancelled due to Covid lock down. This meeting has now taken place. Council awaits response from Lincolnshire County Council, Highways Dept. High cost


4. Lea Park Maintenance;

Wild flower meadow: Council to work with Tivoli to control nettles and dig out brambles.thistles and ragwort before land is prepared for wild flower planting. Council to organise working parties as and when needed. Smaller area designated. Sprayed with weed killer, surface cleared and seeds planted. Medium cost.

Hedgerow - increasing density; to make application to Woodland Trust for hedging at appropriate time of year. Council to organise working parties as and when needed. Plants due to arrive for planting in Nov.

Council to organise working party. Trees have arrived and been planted. More trees to be requested from Woodland Trust. No cost.

Park signage;  council recognise need for consistent notices within Lea Park re eg dogs, parking. Approval needed before signs made and installed. Medium cost.

New benches: Council to identify village benches that are in need of repair and complete necessary work. Council to identify where future benches and picnic tables may be useful. 3 new benches and 3 new picnic tables have now been installed. Old benches in process of repair and reinstatement. High cost.


5. Highways:

Reduce speed limit on Gainsborough Rd: To work with school, MP and LCC to lower speed limit and install safer crossing. Council have held preliminary meetings are now awaiting response from LCC. High cost.

Improve footpaths; To report all incidents of potentially footpaths via Fixmystreet and follow up if work not completed. Low cost


Year 3/4 - May 2021 to April 2023

It was agreed that the majority of the work in this period would be geared towards village events to commemorate the 50 year anniversary of Lea Park. (this was agreed before Covid pandemic and its impact on the 4 year programme). More details to be added at forthcoming plan review.


1. 50 yr anniversary of Lea Park. Council to consult residents about ways to celebrate the anniversary.  Suggestions include village festival, garden award, village in bloom, tree planting. High cost.

Add new village feature: Village competition. Medium cost.

Village information boards: Medium cost.


2. Facilities

Play areas:

Teen facilitites:

Update Butler’s Pantry:

Car park improvements:

Electric speed signs


3. Green spaces:

Tidy all green spaces

Improve/extend woodland walks

Extension of path from new dev’t into Lea Park

Safer route within Green Wheel - Willingham Road by new dev’t.


4. Lea Park:

Hedgerow maintenance

Wildflower meadow