Lea Parish Council

19, Gainsborough road, Lea. DN21 5HR

Tel: 01427 611533 - 07720053368




You are hereby summoned to the Meeting of the council which will be a Virtual Meeting, on Friday 29th May 2020 at 2 pm – This is a Zoom - Virtual Meeting

There will be a 15-minute, public forum at the beginning of the meeting should any members of the public wish to ask questions or make short statements to the Council. Any member of the public who wishes to take part and who wishes to make a statement or ask a question can request to join the meeting by gaining an access code from the Parish Clerk, this must be done before Friday the 29th May 2020.  Alternatively supply a written statement or question to the clerk, which will be read out at the meeting.

Graham Barber Clerk to Lea Parish Council


1 Apologies

2 To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and to receive any applications for Dispensation.  Members may make any declarations at this point but may also make them at any point during the meeting

3 To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held 2nd March 2020 and Clerks Notes 6th April 2020 4 That council agree by resolution that the Chairman, Vice Chairman and council positions remain the same as in the year 2019/20 for the forth coming year 2020/21

Chairman Cllr K Austin

Vice/Chairman Cllr H Leone

Planning Cllr J Austin

Personnel Cllr H Leone, F Anderson

Park/Volunteers Cllr S Fox

Tennis Working Group Cllr F Anderson, H Leone and Clerk

Cricket Working Group Cllr K Austin, F Anderson, H Leone


4.1 Council to resume normal working practices and responsibilities intrusted by their position as Elected Counciliors.  Confirm removal of Delegated Responsibility from the Clerk. 

4.2 Review and Adopt Governance Documents

4.2.1 Code of Conduct – Standing Orders – To incorporate as an Appendix –

Local Authorities & Police Crime Panel (Cornavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authorities) (England/Wales) Regulations 4th April 2020.

4.2.2 Financial Regulations


5 Finance Matters – Reconciliation of Accounts 

January/February 2020

February/March 2020

March/April 2020

Year End Reconciliation 2019/2020

5.1 Ratification of Account payments made 6th April 2020

5.2 Consolidate and acceptance by Resolution of the Council Annual External Audit



1. Certificate of Exemption 2019/2020

2. Internal Audit Report 2019/20

3. Annual Governance Statement 2019/20

4. Accounting Statement 2019/20

5. Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Annual Governance & Accountability Return

6. Lea Parish Council Asset Register 2019/20

7. Bank Reconciliation 2019/20

8. Explanation of Significant Variances 2019/20

9. Break down of expenditure over £100


5.3 Accounts due for payments

A Clerks Salary April 2020 – D/Debit

B Clerks PAYE April 2020 – D/Debit

C Printing Ink Card Payment £34.00

D Wave Water Bill Butlers Pantry £10.70

E Dave Harford Internal Audit Costs £25.00

F Printing Ink & Paper Card Payment £58.40

G Clerks Salary May 2020 – D/Debit

H Clerks PAYE May 2020 – D/Debit


6 Confirm Insurance Cover for year 2020/21 – Came and Company Ltd

7   Clerk's Report

A Resignation letter from Cllr R Haldenby

B Letter from Ian Bradley – Interested in vacant council position


8 Ratification of Emergency Contingency to manage council business during the Covid19/Coronavirus pandemic – Agreed by Email of LPC


9 Ratification of the Suspension of Standings orders and Financial Regulations to allow Delegated Responsibility to the Parish Clerk

6.1 Suspension of Standing Orders Section 1a through to 1x

6.2 Section 2 Proper Officer 2a 2b i, ii, iii, iv, vi, vii, viii,,xiii, xiv,xv,xvi,xvii

6.3 Suspension of Financial Regulations Section 1 General 1.1 through to 1.9, 1.15, 4.1, 4.2,4.6, 6.3,6.4


10 Ratification on the set up by email of the Lea Support Group to Support Vulnerable Residents of Lea

11 Planning

a.  Appeal No N2535/W/20/3246075 land at Station Road Knaith Park DN21 5EZ

b.  Priory Farm Lea – Change of use to 5 dwellings

c. Willingham Road Development

Graham Barber

Clerk to Lea Parish Council