Minutes 28th September 2020

      Lea Parish Council  A36

Council Minutes meeting held 28th September 2020 1900hrs – Zoom conference meeting due to coronavirus/Covid 19 restrictions


Present: Councillors – Keith Austin, Joyce Austin, Fiona Anderson, Helen Leone, LCC Cllr Richard Butroid, Graham Barber, Parish Clerk


Present None


15-minute public forum – not required   


1 Apologies: Received from Cllr P Warner (Holiday) Cllr S Fox (Family Commitmnet)


2 To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and to receive any applications for Dispensation. Members may make any declarations at this point but may also make them at any point during the meeting

None Received


3 To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held 26th August 2020

Minutes 26th August 2020 Passed by resolution of the council; Chairman signed the Minutes on behalf of council.


4 Highways – Report Back Site Meeting Traffic Parking the Grove Cllr Leone/Anderson workable


LCC Cllr Butroid – Stated that the Highways Officer present at the meetings was producing a workable plan in conjunction with Police and the School to help to solve the traffic problems in the Grove.  Further discussions took place raising safety concerns. Council resolved to request separate meetings with the nursery and the school once information is made available in October by Highways.


Action: Clerk to email Council with workable plan


4.1 Speeding Willingham Road and A156 Gainsborough Road  – Cllr Leone

Councils letter to LCC Cllr Butroid had been acknowledged and supported. Discussion took place on the excessive speeding on both roads, Cllr Butroid had requested a speeding survey to be carried out – no date was given but survey expected within eight months.

Action: Wait outcome of LCC Highways survey


4.2 Pedestrian Crossing – Willingham Road Junction of Stainton Drive – Cllr Anderson

LCC Cllr Butroid reported that Highways are looking at safety aspects, planning issues and possible solutions to accommodate a new crossing at the junction of Stainton and the new Willingham Road housing estate, this is also support by Sir Edward Leigh MP

Action: Wait report back from LCC Highways


5  Finance – Reconciliation of Accounts 10th August 2020 to 10th September 2020

Reconciliation explanation given by Clerk; Accounts verified by Cllr Anderson

Council agreed the accounts by Resolution – Chairman signed accounts on behalf of council


5.1  Accounts due for payments

A Clerks Salary September 2020 – D/Debit

B Clerks PAYE September 2020 – D/Debit

C Tivoli Repair Lea Park £ 708.05

D Printing Ink £  12.00

E Boston Seeds Wildflowers £  83.99

F Tivoli Grass Cut September 2020 £1018.91

G Wave – Butlers Pantry £  21.18

H Jewson’s – Damp proof solution £  99.97

I Clerks Salary October 2020 – D/Debit

J Clerks PAYE October 2020 – D/Debit

K Earth Anchor Fast Dec – Lea Park £2,289.60

L Woodberry Picnic/Benches Lea Park £4,562.40


  Agreed by Resolution of the council – Signatories signed cheque payments. Action: Clerk authorized to make payments


6 Lea Park Play Area – Report Back Site Meeting with Wicksteed Representive Clerk

Site meeting organised by the clerk was attended by a representative from Wicksteed playground suppliers and Council Members – Explanation given by council to upgrade the present site, Wicksteed to provide a design and costings as a starting point for Council. Further discussions took place with Council agreeing another site meeting with Playhouse Doncaster.

Action: Clerk to organize site meeting with

Playhouse and email Council when Wicksteed return design and costings


6.1   Disabled access to the park – Report back site meeting - Cllr Anderson/Clerk

Discussion to place identifying issues with access to the park from the carpark. Sub-contractor from Tivoli will be on site Thursday 1st October 2020 to discuss options with council

Action: Clerk to organise site meeting and time


7 Parish Council Website – Report Back Cllr Leone/Clerk

Report given on the problems being experienced with the new website, council agreed to preserve with the site. It was proposed that this year’s Council documentation be placed on the new website as a priority and last year’s business to be transferred when time allows.  It was recognised and agreed that the public have access and can obtain information and copies of past documents on request to the Parish Clerk.

Council agreed by resolution to adopt the new LCC website and that Cllr Leone, Anderson and the Clerk to manage the website construction

Action: Progress the content of the website

8 Clerks Report/Correspondence

A Reply to email sent on behalf of Council from Cllr Butroid

Noted by Council

B Village Litter Pick

Disappointing turnout – good work done by those attending

C Picnic Tables/Benches Lea Park

Now installed, being used, and looking good in the park


9 Planning Report by Cllr J Austin

9.1 Feedback Willingham Road Development

Council accepted the Planning Officer’s report and the subsequent conditional Approval of Reserved Matters’ notice dated 14 September 2020 issued by WLDC. It was agreed to monitor progress of outstanding issues particularly regarding foul and surface drainage.

Action: Council to monitor progress of the development.

Chairman read an email from Mr Hepenstall enquiring if Council will be making representation against the current planning on the Willingham Road development. Council acknowledged the email and agreed that the Chairman should reply on behalf of Council. Action: Chairman to reply to Mr Hepenstall


9.2 Stags Head Public House Knaith

Council agreed not to make comment on this planning application.


Next Meeting planned for the 9th November 2020

Meeting ended at 2100 hrs