17th July 2020



Council minutes of meeting held 17th July 2020 1000hrs – Zoom conference meeting due to coronavirus/Covid 19 restrictions

Present: Councillors – Keith Austin, Joyce Austin, Fiona Anderson, Sheila Fox, Helen Leone, Paul Warner Graham Barber Parish Clerk

Public present: None


1 Apologies:

 Cllr Jessie Milne. Accepted by council



2 To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and to receive any applications for Dispensation. Members may make any declarations at this point but may also make them at any point during the meeting;

No Declarations recorded




3 To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held 29th May 2020 and Extraordinary meeting 8th June 2020 called to discuss Rotary Clubs request to use Lea Park For Bonfire Night celebrations

Mins 29th May and 8th June 2020 Passed by resolution of the council; Chairman signed the minutes on behalf of council.



4. Finance Matter – Reconciliation of Accounts

1st April – 23rd April 2020

23rd April – 25th   May 2020

25th May – 23rd  June 2020

4.1 Budget Cost Centres

Council agreed to allow Cllr Leone and the Clerk to rearrange finances to support expenditure in budget cost centre/Headings

4.2 Accounts due for payment


A Clerks Salary June 2020 – D/Debit

B Clerks PAYE June 2020 – D/Debit

  C Folders/Dividers Card Payment £24.00

D Ink Printer £12.00

E Came & Company Insurance Renewal £949.09

F Tivoli Grass Cut May 2020 £1018.91

G F Anderson Cleaning Items Butlers £6.00

H J Austin Paint/Cleaning Items Butlers £38.54

I Ink Printer £24.50

J Ink/Admin Items £41.45

K J Austin Cleaning Items Butlers £7.76

L Tivoli Grass Cut June £1018.91

M Tivoli Grass Cut July £1018.91

N Npower – Butler’s Pantry £  104.41

O Clerk Salary July 2020 – D/Debit

P Clerks PAYE July 2020Q

Q Printer Ink £48.50

R UK Fire Security £57.60

S Tim Rice Flooring      £407.62


Agreed by Resolution of the council – Signatories signed cheque payments. Clerk authorised to action payments




Ratification of Lea Park Plan

Cllr Fox gave a full explanation of the Lea Park Plan following the recent site review Council thanked Cllr Fox for her report and plan.

Council ratified the revised Lea Park Plan.

Ongoing Cllr Fox and Clerk


5.1 Quotes to repair Bonfire Crater

Clerk read out the quotes received

Council agreed by resolution to accept the quote from Tivoli. Clerk to Inform and confirm tender details with Tivoli and request a start time.

Ongoing Clerk. Clerk to Monitor contractor work to completion


5.2 Quote to give wheelchair access to Lea Park from the car park.

Council resolved to seek advice from WLDC regarding current disability legislation on access modification to footpaths and ramps. Council directed Clerk to contact WLDC and gain information to safely install a disability ramp from the Lea Park car park to the field area  

Ongoing Clerk / Cllr Anderson Report back next council meeting 24/8/2020


5.3 Benches - review adequacy of current benches and picnic tables

Current benches/tables assessed and the need for additional provision agreed. Council resolved to research options and costs

Ongoing Cllrs Fox, Warner and Clerk. Make recommendations to Council by 31/7/2020


1 6 Clerks Report

A   Dog and Litter bins Lea Park and Lea Village – Ratification of purchase.

Ratified by resolution of the Council the purchase of dog and litter bins to meet the ongoing problem of dog fouling and excess litter in the park and village

Ongoing Clerk. Clerk to co-ordinate purchase, delivery and installation


B   Right to Public Inspection – 2019/2020 Account audit

Noted by council



C   Report back – Lea Support Group

Council agreed the support group had been a success. Council agreed to report the good work by volunteers in the next Lea Life Newsletter. Council also agreed that a letter of thanks should be sent to each volunteer and to request that volunteers should be retained on file in case of a second outbreak of Covid 19.

Completed. Cll Leone to hand write and deliver individual letters.


D   Hire of Butler’s Pantry – Restrictions

Clerk to keep Council updated with Government lifting of restriction



E   Play Area Lea Park Open to Public - Risk assessment Covid 19 Restrictions.

Council agreed risk assessment presented by the chairman – play area now open to the public with responsibility placed on users to conform with Government guidelines on social distancing and sanitisation of hands. Guidelines placed at the entrance to the play area and field.

Ongoing. Clerk


F   Lincoln Echo/Gainsborough Standard News Items

Noted by Council – Clerk directed to seek apology

Ongoing. Clerk to report  back 24.8.20


G   Resumption of Cricket in the Park – Risk Assessment Guidelines 

Report back noted by Council – Clerk directed to contact L&R CC to organise a meeting with working group.

Ongoing Clerk / cricket working group. Report back after working group meeting




7 Planning


7A 140361. Knaith Park Appeal - to note dismissal

Dismissal of Appeal noted by council



7B 139840 Re-consultation of Willingham Road/Rippon Homes application - Ratification of Council’s response sent 22nd June 2020

Cllr J Austin gave a further update on the development. Council thanked Cllr J Austin for her work on the response and the additional report

Response sent on the 22nd June 2020 ratified by resolution of the Council

Council agreed a response to the report from the Lead Local Flood Authority to be sent to WLDC.

Ongoing, Clerk / Cllr J Austin


8 To consider and decide the process and criteria for co-option of councillors.

Cllr Leone/Anderson presented a working document to be used for the selection process for co-option of potential council members.

Council amended the document which was then adopted by resolution




8.1 Held in closed session, with no public access.

Clerks Annual Appraisal – Feedback from Personnel Committee.

Appraisal reviewed and accepted by Council and to be discussed with Clerk

Ongoing. Personnel committee.