Agenda 17th July 2020



Lea parish council

19, Gainsborough Road, Lea. DN21 5HR

Tel: 01427 611533 - 07720053368


You are hereby summoned to the Meeting of the council which will be a Virtual Meeting, on 17th July 2020 at 10:00 AM – This is a Zoom - Virtual Meeting

There will be a 15-minute, public forum at the beginning of the meeting should any members of the public wish to ask questions or make short statements to the Council. Any member of the public who wishes to take part and who wishes to make a statement or ask a question can request to join the meeting by gaining an access code from the Parish Clerk, this must be done before Friday the 17th July 2020.  Alternatively supply a written statement or question to the clerk, which will be read out at the meeting.

Graham Barber Clerk to Lea Parish Council




To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and to receive any applications for Dispensation.  Members may make any declarations at this point but may also make them at any point during the meeting


To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held 29th May 2020 and Extraordinary meeting held on the 8th June 2020


4 Finance – Reconciliation of Accounts 1st April - 23rd April 2020 & 23rd April - 25th May 2020 

      25th May – 10th June 2020

4.1 Agree Budget cost for new financial year 2020/2021


4.2 Accounts due for payments

A Clerks Salary June 2020 – D/Debit

B Clerks PAYE June 2020 – D/Debit

C Folders/Dividers Card Payment £   24.00

D Ink Printer £   12.00

E Came & Company Insurance Renewal £  949.09

F Tivoli Grass Cut May 2020 £1018.91

G F Anderson Cleaning Items Butlers £      6.00

H J Austin Paint/Cleaning Items Butlers £    38.54

I Ink Printer £    24.50

J Ink/Admin Items £    41.45

K J Austin Cleaning Items Butlers £      7.76

L Tivoli Grass Cut June £1018.91

M Tivoli Grass Cut July £1018.91

N Npower – Butlers Pantry £  104.41

O Clerk Salary July 2020 – D/Debit

P Clerks PAYE July 2020



5 Ratification of Lea Park Plan

5.1 Quotes to repair bonfire 

5.2 Quote to give wheelchair access to Lea Park from the car park


6 Clerks Report

A Dog and Litter bins Lea Park and Lea Village – Ratification of purchase

B Right to Public Inspection – 2019/2020 Account audit

C Report back – Lea Support Group -

D Hire of Butler’s Pantry – Restrictions

E Play Area Lea Park Open to Public - Risk assessment Covid 19 Restrictions  

F Lincoln Echo/Gainsborough Standard News Items

G Resumption of Cricket in the Park – Risk Assessment Guidelines


7   Planning


7A 140361. Knaith Park Appeal - to note dismissal

7B 139840 Re-consultation of Willingham Road/Rippon Homes application - ratification of Council’s response sent 22nd June 2020


To consider and decide the process and criteria for co-option of councillors.

Held in closed session, with no public access.


8.1 Clerks Annual Appraisal – Feedback from Personnel Committee

Held in closed session, with no public access.





Date of the next meeting



Graham Barber

Clerk to Lea Parish Council